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International aviation: United States

International aviation: United States

EU-US Open Skies: History of a historical international agreement


30 March 2008: EU-US Open Skies - the new Air Transport Agreement takes effect

On 30 March, the most ambitious air service deal ever negotiated, takes effect. For the first time, European airlines can fly without restrictions from any point in the EU to any point in the US. The new EU-US Air Transport Agreement, signed on 30 April, will bring more competition and cheaper flights to the biggest international air transport market.

For the first time, this agreement establishes closer cooperation between the EU and the US to tackle new challenges, such as security or the environment. This will facilitate the operations for airlines and airports and reduce hassle for passengers. 

Together with all its historical achievements, this agreement is only an important first step towards the normalisation of the international aviation industry. The ultimate objective of the European Union is to create a transatlantic Open Aviation Area: a single air transport market between the EU and the US with free flows of investment and no restrictions on air services, including access to the domestic markets of both parties. To this end, the European Commission will engage in second-stage negotiations with the US in May 2008.

Press release: EU-US Open Skies: A new era in transatlantic aviation starts on 30 March

Q&A: The EU-US "Open Skies" Air Transport Agreement 


30 April 2007: Open skies - Historic aviation deal signed at the EU-US Transatlantic Summit

Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Transport Jacques Barrot, Council President Wolfgang Tiefensee, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and US Transportation Secretary Mary Peters sign in Washington the first-ever aviation treaty between the European Union and the United States.

Press release: Open skies: Jacques Barrot in Washington to sign historic aviation deal at the EU-US Transatlantic Summit

Remarks from the Signing Ceremony

Press conference - Opening speech by Jacques Barrot

EU-US Transatlantic Summit - Results


22 March 2007: EU transport ministers approve the EU-US first stage air transport agreement

On 22 March 2007, European Union transport ministers unanimously approved the first stage air transport agreement between the EU and the United States of America.

22 March 2007: Council Conclusions

Press release: Jacques Barrot welcomes unanimous approval of EU-US open skies deal

Council Meetings: "Transport, Telecommunication and Energy"


14 March 2007: The European Parliament welcomes the first ever EU-US aviation agreement

Press release: Open skies EU-US agreement - MEPs call for it to be endorsed

Resolution of the European Parliament

Speech of Jacques Barrot, European Parliament, Plenary session, 13 March 2007:

Accord Aviation Union européenne - Etats-Unis (FR)


2 March 2007: Draft aviation agreement reached by EU-US negotiators

Following the launch of the negotiations at the 2003 Transatlantic Summit and a further 11 working sessions, negotiators for the European Union and the United States of America reached a draft aviation agreement on 2 March 2007.

Press release: Open sky: Jacques Barrot welcomes the draft aviation agreement reached by the EU-US negotiators