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International aviation: Morocco

International aviation: Morocco

The first Euro-Mediterranean Aviation agreement in the field of aviation was signed on 12 December 2006 between the EU and the Kingdom of Morocco.

It is not merely an agreement to open markets between the two parties but also includes an extensive alignment of aviation legislation with key parts of the EU rules and regulations, including those on safety, economic regulation and in particular competition laws, air traffic management and consumer protection. It also offers a gradual opening of market access between Morocco and the EU, providing substantial opportunities for passengers and industry on both sides.

Following the implementation of the Morocco Agreement participation by EU, scheduled services operators in the market jumped dramatically from 24 to 44 before settling back to 33 in 2011, while traffic went up from 5.6 to 11.0 million annual passengers, achieving a compound annual growth rate of 14% across the period 2006-2011. Average fares fell significantly, leading to an aggregate Consumer Surplus of around 3000 million Euros over the 6-year period 2006-2011.