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International aviation: Lebanon

International aviation: Lebanon

On 9 October 2008, the Council of the European Union adopted a Decision authorising the European Commission to open negotiations with Lebanon on a Euro-Mediterranean Aviation Agreement, as a part of the process of creating a wider Common Aviation Area with its eastern and southern neighbours. 


Negotiations on a comprehensive agreement are on-going. It has a double objective: on the one hand, the liberalisation of aviation market between the EU and Lebanon and, on the other hand, the completion of the process of regulatory convergence in the main aviation areas such as safety, security, environment, air navigation, passenger rights and competition.

A "horizontal agreement" was signed on 7 July 2006. This agreement brings all existing bilateral air service agreements between EU Member States and Lebanon in line with EU law. Most importantly, it will remove nationality restrictions in the bilateral agreements and thereby allows any EU airline to operate flights between Lebanon and any EU Member State where it is established if traffic rights under the relevant bilateral agreement are available.