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High Level Group on aviation regulation

High Level Group on aviation regulation

Vice President Jacques Barrot established the High Level Group in November 2006 to advise the European Commission on the future of the European aviation regulatory framework, as a follow-up to the conclusions of the Brussels conference on aviation regulation on 20 September 2006.

The High Level Group consisted of four Directors General from EU states (also representing ECAC and EASA), a Director General from a non-EU member state, the Director General of Eurocontrol, and four senior representatives of industry associations.

The mandate of the High Level Group was to:

  • develop proposals to simplify the regulatory framework while ensuring that the Community method should be the driving force in regulation;

  • to advise on the future evolution of the EASA and Eurocontrol organisations and how the role of industry should develop within the ATM system;

  • provide a roadmap for reform and proposals to ensure successful stakeholder involvement.

The "High Level Group" has delivered its long-awaited report which is the result of the work carried out in the period December 2006-June 2007. The Group has come up with a list of ten recommendations and a roadmap with concrete measures on how to boost performance of the air traffic management system.