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Seminar on "Just culture in the context of occurence reporting schemes"

Seminar on "Just culture in the context of occurence reporting schemes"

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Thursday 19 April 2012, – 9h30 to 17h30

Centre Borschette, 36 rue Froissart, Brussels; Room AB-0D

The European Commission organises on Thursday 19 April 2012 a seminar to discuss the issue of Just Culture in an occurrence reporting context and to hear the views and experiences of the various stakeholders and authorities in aviation safety.


In the White Paper "Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area", the Commission expressed its ambition to see the European Union becoming the safest region of the world for aviation. According to expectations regarding traffic growth, this could only be achieved by re-orienting the identification of action needs in the field of aviation safety towards an evidence-based and proactive system built on EU-wide data collection and analysis. The foreseen revision of the European legislation on occurrence reporting in civil aviation will be a cornerstone element of this system. 

The Commission considers that in order to bring concrete improvements in terms of aviation safety and to ensure a safe air transport for European citizens such legislation should address, in appropriate manner, the issues of Just Culture and adequate protection of confidential data. 

The Seminar organised on 19 April 2012 in Brussels will consider this issue and attempt to identify areas of action for improving the Safety Culture in Europe notably through the new legislation on Occurrence Reporting in civil