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About the ENCASIA network

About the ENCASIA network

European Network of Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authorities

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Word of the Chairman

Rémi Jouty, Chairman ENCASIA 
Remy Jouty
Dear visitor,
Dear network colleagues,

Welcome to the ENCASIA website, designed to provide you with information on the European Network of Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authorities (ENCASIA) and our role.

ENCASIA was established in January 2011 thanks to the entry into force of Regulation (EU) No 996/2010 on the investigation and prevention of accidents and incidents in civil aviation.

ENCASIA constitutes an independent grouping of the 28 civil aviation safety investigation authorities (SIAs) of the EU Member States.

Our mission is to further improve the quality of air safety investigations and to strengthen the independence of the national investigating authorities. It is responsible for issues such as:

  • development of training activities
  • promoting safety investigation best practices,
  • developing a mechanism for sharing investigating resources,
  • advising EU institutions on air accident investigation and prevention matters.

Under the six years of chairmanship of my predecessor, Mr Ulf Kramer, ENCASIA succeeded in achieving a number of milestones. For the financial implementation of the annual work programmes, ENCASIA created a legal basis: the ENCASIA ASBL. This has enabled to develop concrete and useful work programmes, both with the support of grants from the European Commission and thanks to the co-financing of our members. Our network has also been actively involved in regulatory discussions on safety investigation matters with the European institutions.

By browsing on our website and reading our yearly activity reports, you will see what ENCASIA has achieved so far. Regarding our way forward, it is also important that the adopted resolutions continue to be implemented.

Amongst the valuable activities carried out by our working groups, I would like to underline the “peer reviews”. Within the three years of my on-going term, we will have completed the reviews of all the Safety investigation authorities of our Member States (SIA’s) with the addition of Iceland and Norway. These reviews have already had a number of benefits, both direct and indirect ones. They are not necessarily easy to measure but they have already contributed to improve the mutual knowledge of our common rules amongst our SIAs. SIA’s vary considerably in size and scope across Europe, and I am pleased to see that European SIAs, whatever their size and experience have more cooperated with each other than ever recently. And I hope that this trend will continue.

It is key building on this success and to continue to promote mutual support between all European SIA’s, with the primary objective to ensure that any aviation transport accident, wherever it occurs in Europe, will be properly investigated and that lessons to prevent reoccurrence will be learned and shared. Our challenge remains to do more with constrained resources!

This ENCASIA mutual support system (EMSS) is an example of a medium/long term project that we aim to achieve. But ENCASIA, as a well-established European network, can certainly do more to improve efficiency and harmonization throughout Europe. Another example concerns safety recommendations. They represent a powerful tool for SIAs to initiate dialogues on key safety areas with the addressees. ENCASIA will foster more work on safety recommendations, in particular the ones of Union Wide relevance or those that could be of global concern.

All this is only possible through the active participation of investigators from a number of SIA’s in the ENCASIA working groups. They represent an investment in time but in return, they have helped to implement the objectives of Regulation (EU) No 996/2010. I take this opportunity to thank them and encourage them to remain committed to this collective work.

Once again, welcome to our ENCASIA website!

Rémi Jouty, ENCASIA Chairman August 2017