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The extension of the SESAR Joint Undertaking under Horizon 2020

The extension of the SESAR Joint Undertaking under Horizon 2020

The extension of the SESAR Joint Undertaking under Horizon 2020
Consultation period: 

The extension of the SESAR Joint Undertaking under Horizon 2020

Consultation period: 25/07/2012 – 17/10/2012

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Consultation period

The consultation period will lasts 12 weeks. Questionnaires should be returned by 17 October 2012 at the very latest. However, stakeholders are warmly invited to submit their contribution already by early October 2012.

Background information

The SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) is the modernisation programme of the European air traffic management ATM) infrastructure. SESAR aims at developing the new generation ATM system capable of ensuring the safety and fluidity of air transport worldwide over the next 30 years. It has been conceived as a three-phase programme, including a definition, development and deployment phase.

SESAR also constitutes the technological pillar and is an essential enabler of the Single European Sky (SES).

Following the definition phase, which ended in 2008, the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) is managing the development phase (2007-2013) as a public-private partnership under Article 187 TFEU. Its mandate and objective is to bring public and private stakeholders together to converge their efforts and research and innovation (R&I) investments to develop and validate the new ATM technologies and procedures that will contribute to achieving the SES performance objectives. The programme is guided by the European ATM Master plan (Master plan). The Commission is currently preparing the governance framework for the deployment phase (2013-2020).


The SJU was established for a period up to December 2016.Nevertheless, there is a clear and agreed need for continuing research and innovation in ATM beyond the current development phase. The Horizon 2020 programme (2014-2020) offers again the possibility of the participation of the European Union in public-private partnerships. The Commission has already expressed a positive view on the extension of the SJU in the Communication on SESAR deployment of 22/12/2011.

Furthermore, an integrated approach to address aviation infrastructure and services with research and innovation is expanded in the "Flight path 2050" vision and in the forthcoming Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and innovation in Europe. In line with the Transport White Paper, these put the long-term perspectives for ATM and aviation services in the broader context of evolving market and societal needs. Research and innovation in this context might benefit from a more strategic approach and views are sought on the potential of a partnership approach to develop and implement a common European roadmap, building on the lessons learned with SESAR.

Scope of the questionnaire

The objective of this consultation is to seek the views of citizens and stakeholders on the future of the SJU beyond 2016 and in the context of the Horizon 2020 programme.

The questions also address the role of the SJU for the continued support to the SES and the ATM performance objectives.

Furthermore, questions are asked how research and innovation should be organised in other aviation areas and if the approach to bring together all relevant stakeholders should be extended towards a more "aviation systems" scope, addressing also areas which are interconnected with ATM and whose optimisation and performance provide an important contribution to the overall quality and competitiveness of the European aviation system and its industry, such as airports, security and UAS/RPAS (unmanned aircraft systems - remotely piloted air system).

How to submit your contribution?

We strongly recommend you to submit your contribution via the online questionnaire . However, your contribution can also be sent to or by post to the following address:

European Commission DG MOVE
Unit C.2 – Research and innovative transport systems
Rue De Mot 28 (Office 07/65)
B1049 Brussels

We recommend you to print out the questionnaire to allow you to draft your answers to the open text questions carefully before filling-in the online questionnaire.

Please note that the online session time is limited to 90 minutes, which means that you should submit your reply within this time. If you exceed this timeframe, your replies will unfortunately be lost.

Questions are either compulsory or optional. If any of the compulsory fields have not been filled in, the system will not allow you to submit the questionnaire but will redirect you to the incomplete answer and give you an opportunity to correct it. An error message will appear in a purple/red colour under the question in which a problem occurred.

If you leave the questionnaire for 90 minutes without activity, your contribution will not be saved due to a time-out.

Note that you should not use the ‘Back’ button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to navigate the online questionnaire, because this will lead to a loss of all the data that you have already inserted. For navigation, you should use the buttons ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ at the bottom of the questionnaire page instead.

When you will successfully have submitted the questionnaire, a confirmation message will appear on your screen and you will be able to print your answers.

Important notice

Contributions may be submitted in any official EU language. Nevertheless, in order to facilitate the work and allow easy access to all submission, we would appreciate it if contributions could be submitted in the English language or, in the absence thereof, at least a summary in the English language.

It is our intention to publish all responses as well as a summary of the contributions on the Commission's website. Please indicate if you consent or not in the appropriate question area.

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