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An ambitious external aviation policy

An ambitious external aviation policy

An ambitious external aviation policy



We are facing fierce international competition, and we must be prepared for it.

  • Negotiating new EU-level agreements with several countries and regions in the world to improve market access.
  • Providing more connections and better prices for passengers.
  • Exploring new measures to address unfair commercial practices from third countries.
  • Creating investment opportunities with third countries based on mutual liberalisation of ownership and control rules.

Facts and figures

  • European aviation is facing new competitive challenges in the rapidly evolving global market.
  • European airlines are restricted in their ability to access markets outside the EU.
  • A 10% increase in the supply of intercontinental flights results in a 4% increase in the number of headquarters of large firms.
  • A 10% increase of departing passengers in a metropolitan region increases the employment in the services sector of that region by 1%.
  • A 10% increase in air traffic equals an increase of 0.5% of GDP per capita.
  • In 2033 passenger traffic in the Asia Pacific region will account for over 40% of world air traffic.
  • China will become the world’s largest air transport market in 2023.

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