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Stakeholder Meeting on the Shift2Rail strategic master plan

Stakeholder Meeting on the Shift2Rail strategic master plan

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Stakeholder Meeting on the

Shift2Rail Strategic Master Plan

A conference organised by the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport

Centre A. Borschette (CCAB, rue Froissart 36), Room AB/0A

Brussels 20 June 2014, 09.00-16.00

The Council adopted the Commission's proposed Regulation establishing a Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking on 16 June 2014, paving the way to the formal establishment of the Joint Undertaking.

One of the core tasks of this future Joint Undertaking will be to develop and adopt a Strategic Master Plan, presenting the key priorities and the essential operational and technological innovations required from all stakeholders to achieve the objectives of the S2R Joint Undertaking, namely : the achievement of the Single European Railway Area, the radical improvement of the attractiveness and competitiveness of the European railway system and a consolidation of the position of the European rail industry on the global market.

The Commission services organised a stakeholder meeting on 20 June 2014 with a view to presenting the Commission's preliminary vision for the Shift2Rail Strategic Master Plan and receiving initial feedback from interested stakeholders.

You will find, here below, a link to the presentations that were made during the event.


Preliminary draft of the Shift2Rail Master Plan

Commission/ European Railway Area presentation

Presentation of the Innovation Programmes by Founding Members : IP1 , IP2 & IP3 , IP4 & IP5

Presentations by federations : ERRAC , EIM , CER , UITP , EUROC