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Call for proposal – grants under CEF Transport Programme Support Action (PSA) for Issues Log Book Activity II

Call for proposal – grants under CEF Transport Programme Support Action (PSA) for Issues Log Book Activity II

The Multi Annual Work Programme 2014 under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) gives the Commission the opportunity to launch a Programme Support Action in the field of "Technical Operational Issues Log Book". This is the second call of such programme and would be implemented by means of a grant to support pilot projects aiming at finding solution to the issues of the Log Book by cooperation between rail stakeholders (Annex II §

The objective of this Programme Support Action is to assist Ministries, National Safety Authorities, European rail infrastructure managers and European railway undertakings in finding solutions to the operational interoperability issues of the Log Book hampering rail freight.

The action continues the good results obtained by the work performed so far under voluntary basis of the three priorities defined by the sector in 2018 and the first call which awarded 3 projects. The support is open to all issues currently listed in the Log Book not already covered by first call, or new issues, provided that they comply with "technical operational barrier hindering international rail freight".

The coordinator will support the application for funding, and organise the pilot projects as appropriate. A consortium must at least consisting at least of one Railway Undertaking, one Ministry or National safety Authority and one Infrastructure manager; they shall have a geographical coverage of at least two member states. The pilot projects can be launched as from 1 December 2020.

The pilot projects on Issues Log Book should result in a structured approach to solve the current issues by finding concrete solutions that are deployable at regional, corridor or European level.

Detailed description of the activities eligible for funding under this action is available in the attached file "Conditions for awarding grants"

The coordinator should submit the request on behalf of the consortium using the enclosed application form (Annex 2) and its Annexes 2.1-2.5 (Budgetary Annex, Legal Entity Form, Bank Account Form, Declaration of Honour and Agreement of the Member State). The conditions for awarding grants (Annex 1) include the eligible activities, eligible costs, award criteria, etc. A model of the Grant Agreement and its Annexes I-V is also available in Annex 3. All documents are available in the zip file of this web page and will also be provided in electronic form upon request at

The application form for requesting the grant should be submitted by 1 November 2020.

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