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Commission expert group "Industrial Forum" (E03743)
Group which operates on a permanent basis
Policy Area:
Internal Market
Lead DG:
GROW - DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Informal, Permanent
The New Industrial Strategy for Europe announced setting up the Industrial Forum as a new, inclusive and open mechanism for co-designing solutions with stakeholders, supporting the Commission in its systematic analysis of the ecosystems and in assessing the risks and needs of industry as it embarks on the twin, green and digital, transition and the strengthening of its resilience. The Industrial Forum shall also contribute to the coordination of recovery efforts, as a forum for Member States and industry to exchange best practices aiming at the transformation of industrial ecosystems. The Industrial Forum will build on, contribute to and complement the work carried out by the COMPET Council and the High-Level Group for Competitiveness . It will offer a sounding board for stakeholders and showcase the state of the European competitiveness – and the progress towards industrial transformation, bringing together the views of industrial stakeholders, public authorities, civil society organisations and investors.
Assist the Commission in relation to the implementation of existing Union legislation, programmes and policies
a) to advise the Commission on the implementation of the industrial strategy and to issue periodical reports on the implementation progress; b) to contribute to the Commission’s analysis of industrial ecosystems and to monitor their state of play c) to provide recommendations on a “dedicated toolbox” (which could include regulatory action, unlocking financing or making the most of trade defence instruments) to foster the twin transition of relevant ecosystems, in line with the Industrial Strategy
Publication in RegExp:
02 Dec 2020
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16 Feb 2021
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