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Commission expert group on Cancer Control (E03203)
This group no longer exists
Policy Area:
Public Health
Lead DG:
SANTE - DG Health and Food Safety
Formal, Permanent
At the request of the Commission or the Commission services, the expert group shall carry out the following tasks in the field of cancer: (a) assist the Commission in the drawing up of legal instruments and policy documents, guidelines and recom mendations on cancer control, as well as cancer data including epidemiology, early detection of cancer and cancer screening, information of the public on cancer prevention, quality assurance procedure in cancer management and preventive aspects which may be developed on the basis of the results of fundamental, translational and clinical cancer research carried out under the EU research programmes and other interna tional or national research initiatives, as well as on cross cutting themes related to cancer; (b) advise the Commission in the implementation of Union actions and suggest improvements to the measures taken; (c) advise the Commission in the monitoring, evaluation and dissemination of the results of measures taken at Union and national level; (d) advise the Commission on international cooperation; (e) facilitate coordination and exchange of information between Member States; (f) provide an overview to the Commission on Union and national policies; (g) gathering information of relevant experience, policies and practices of the Member States and the various parties involved.
Assist the Commission in the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives
Coordinate with Member States, exchange of views
Publication in RegExp:
19 Aug 2014
Creating Act:
Commission Decision of 3 June 2014 establishing a Commission expert group on Cancer Control and repealing Decision 96/469/EC (2014/C 167/05)
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Last updated:
05 Jun 2018
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