This Register was set up by the Commission to ensure transparency on expert groups assisting the Commission in relation to:

  • the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives;
  • the preparation of delegated acts;
  • the implementation of EU legislation, programmes and policies, including coordination and cooperation with EU Member States and stakeholders in that regard;
  • where necessary, the early preparation of implementing acts, before submission to the committee in accordance with Regulation (EU) N°182/2011.

The Register lists both Commission expert groups and other similar entities, i.e. consultative entities set up by the Union legislator and not by the Commission, which have a similar or identical role to that of Commission expert groups and are administered and financially managed by the Commission.

For each expert group, the Register provides valuable information including on the Commission department which is running the group, as well as on its members, its mission and tasks. The Register also includes relevant documents which are produced and discussed by the groups.

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