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  • Please note that some documents of the Commission may be covered, in whole or in part, by the exceptions to public access defined in Regulation 1049/2001. In some cases, a general presumption of non-accessibility has been recognised by the Union courts and may be used by the Commission to refuse access, in particular for documents forming part of the following procedures: EU pilot, infringements, State aid, competition, merger and court cases.
  • Access to EPSO recruitment files or to the personal files of Commission staff, by the individuals concerned, is regulated by specific access rights which apply instead of Regulation 1049/2001. Applicants wishing to obtain access to their own files in these areas are advised to contact EPSO or DG HR directly, under the specific access rules described respectively in the General Rules governing open competitions and the Staff Regulations.
  • All your data is handled in conformity with the provisions and requirements of the Data Protection Regulation (EC) 45/2001.
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