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DG Trade statistical guide
July 2019
DG TRADE Statistical Guide

This 'Trade statistical guide' contains selected tables and graphs that outline the current state of and recent developments in the European Union’s foreign trade, i.e. its trade with the rest of the world. Continue

2018 Annual Activity Report
July 2019
2018 Annual Activity Report

The annual activity report is a management report from the Director-General of DG Trade to the College of Commissioners. Annual activity reports are the main management accountability instrument within the Commission and constitute the basis on which the College takes political responsibility for the decisions it takes, as well as for the coordinating, executive and management functions it exercises, as laid down in the treaties. Continue

Management plan 2019
March 2019
Do you want to export worldwide?

Trade and investment figures highly on the political agenda of the European Commission. The EU occupies a prime position in global trade. The openness of its trade regime has positioned the EU as the biggest player on the global trading scene. This management plan sets out how DG Trade will continue to pursue this ambitious agenda in 2019. Continue

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EU trade policy

EU Trade policy explained in three minutes.

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