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EU trade deals give Europeans more and more opportunities as regards jobs, business growth and investment.

Foreign trade brings European consumers more choice, higher quality goods and lower prices. International trade also strengthens the competitiveness of Europe's businesses, while harnessing sustainable development worldwide.

Over 600 000 small businesses in Europe export goods and services to the rest of the world and each has its own story to tell.

The benefits for exporters and importers are numerous, as the following case studies show.

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Latvia - Latvian grain reaches Japan

Dobeles dzirnavnieks and International trade

Dobeles dzirnavnieks is one of the leading grain processors in the Baltics and the largest pasta producer in Northern Europe.

Dobeles dzirnavnieks exports its products to more than 70 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.

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France/Germany/Spain - Airbus

2020 – Another Space Odyssey

The Canadian Space Agency recently chose to work with Airbus as it explores possible concepts for future Canadian Earth Observation systems.

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Greece - Chios Masticha Growers Association (CMGA)

Tears of Chios bring joy to Canadians

The EU’s trade agreements ensure that Chios masticha’s status as a Geographical Indication is recognised in many important markets around the world.

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Slovenia – Slovenian skis slide into the Canadian Market

Slovenian sports goods company Elan

Slovenian sports goods company Elan specialises in the manufacturing and selling of skis and yachts.

CETA Agreement takes Slovenian skis to new heights in Canada.

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Luxembourg – chocolates from Luxembourg a delight for Canadians

Chocolatier artisanal Luxembourgeois

Chocolaterie Genaveh is a Luxemburgish artisanal chocolate maker that offers high-end products in elegant, contemporary packaging.  All Genaveh’s chocolates are handmade in its workshop in Steinfort.

Genaveh sells its products throughout Europe. Thanks to CETA – the EU’s trade agreement with Canada.

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Hungary - Tokaj wine

The King Of Wines And The Wine Of Kings

Tokaj wine was registered as a European Geographical Indication (GI) in Canada in April 2020.

Thanks to its registration in Canada, Tokaj will now benefit from the protection afforded to European GIs under the CETA agreement.

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France - Amestoy Piment d’Espelette

French pepper spices up Canadian cuisine

Maritxu and Eric Amestoy began producing piment d’Espelette (Espelette chilli pepper) on their farm in Halsou, France more than ten years ago.

Maritxu and Eric have been exporting their piment d’ Espelette to Canada since 2016. It sells the peppers to a cannery that produces prepared foods.

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France - Pipolaki

Getting ready for winter with Pipolaki!

Pipolaki is a French company that makes warm headgear for winter sports.

Canada’s cold, snowy winters make it an obvious market for warm berets and woollen hats.

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The Netherlands - Spotzi

Putting Canada on the map

The Dutch company Spotzi offers an interactive mapping platform that shows the world’s demographic composition and people’s behaviour like travel patterns and shopping habits.

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Portugal - Apiccaps

Portuguese shoemakers hit the ground running in Canada

The organisation aims to promote the development of the sectors it represents and those of its 700 members.

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Czechia - Bohemia Hop

Fine aroma Saaz hops for premium beers

Bohemia Hop – the largest supplier of fine aroma Saaz hops – zatecky chmel (PDO).

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Spain - Porcelanosa

Cross-Atlantic Ceramic

Porcelanosa is a ceramics company benefitting from improved business opportunities in Canada to sell high quality tile for kitchens and bathrooms.

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France - Coopérative HEMP-it

French Hemp Seeds Growers since 1964

HEMP-it is a leading producer of certified industrial hemp seeds without THC (the main psychoactive component of the cannabis plant) since 1964..

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Italy - Bruscia

Drink a new experience

In recent decades the Company has considerably developed to dedicate itself with extreme professionality and passion in the wine production.

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Ireland - Bord Bia

European Beef – Excellence in Food Safety and Sustainability.

Bord Bia, The Irish Food Board won the contract to promote EU beef, a project that is 80% co-financed by the EU.

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Austria - Freywille

Exquisite fine enamelled jewellery is “Freyed” into Canada.

Freywille is expanding its business in Canada and the USA through a network of retail partnerships.

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Bulgaria - Burgozone

Raising one’s glass to the EU-Vietnam trade agreement

Burgozone is a family-owned boutique winery producing high-end Bulgarian wines.

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Danish technology brings a boost to Vietnamese coffee

SiccaDania is a new company producing evaporators and dryers for the dairy, food, and starch industries. They sell their products and provide after sales service for them to customers around the world.

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Hestra - Sweden

EU trade agreement gives glove-maker a helping hand

Hestra is a family-owned glove-making business. It exports its gloves to over 30 countries around the world.

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Chula Fashion

Spanish-Vietnamese fashion fusion combines style with sustainability

Chula Fashion is a small, family-owned clothing company established just over a decade ago. It focusses on sustainable fashion.

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Azienda Vitivinicola Enrico Crola

A high-quality Nebbiolo from Colline Novaresi

Azienda Vitivinicola Enrico Crola has been exporting to Japan since 2015. Japan is a strategic export market for it.

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VanDrie Group

Delivering Dutch Veal to Canada

The VanDrie Group exports to over 60 countries worldwide. Since CETA removed Canadian tariffs on veal of up to 26.5% the VanDrie Group can now easily send regular shipments from the Netherlands to Canada.

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Stella Milano 1952

Italian jewellery that tells a story

Stella Milano 1952 has a long and strong tradition of jewellery making. With CETA’s tariff cuts, Stella Milano has seen its exports to Canada grow by 30%.

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Sweden - Asket

Ethical EU-made clothes finding a home around the world

ASKET is an online-only menswear brand founded with the mission to free wardrobe essentials from fashion and bring them back to basic.

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Finland - Framery

Creating happy workplaces

Framery’s pods make everyday office life happier by providing a place where people can concentrate and work more efficiently. Since CETA came into effect, it has seen sales to Canada rise by 50%.

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Netherlands - Canuck Beverage Dispensing Equipment

Cheers to EU-Canada export success!

Thanks to a reduction in tariffs, trade between the EU and Canada has grown and costs have gone down. This has allowed the company to expand.

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Spain - The Spanish Federation of Food and Drink Industries (FIAB)

Bringing a taste of Iberia to Canada’s dining tables

CETA has opened new opportunities for Spanish firms – fewer tariffs and less non-tariff barriers mean more trade and investment.

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Belgium - Smet Chocolaterie

Exceeding Chocolate, Excellent Service

For over 50 years Smet has been a leading supplier of chocolate and sweet decorations and an innovator in the industry.

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Estonia - Estonia Pianos

Connecting Canada with Europe's finest craftsmanship

Estonia Pianos is a company that produces grand and concert pianos of the highest quality. Around 80-85% of Estonia’s sales are outside the EU, mainly to the USA, Australia and China.

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Belgium - KitoZyme

Biotech doing wonders for wine

Kitozyme is a small biotech company in Wallonia, Belgium. It specialises in technology for healthcare and beverages.

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Italy - San Daniele Prosciutto

Bringing the best to the tables of the world

The Association counts 31 producers as members. They produce their special prosciutto exclusively in San Daniele del Friuli, in north eastern Italy.

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Spain - Hiperbaric

CETA helps put competitors under pressure

Exports account for 90% of Hiperbaric's revenues and it has enjoyed sustained growth in recent years thanks to sales abroad.

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Ireland - The Chapel Gate Irish Whiskey Company

Old Irish whiskey tradition given new lease of life in Canada.

Trade agreements make it easier for smaller companies like Chapel Gate to grow and hire more people.

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Germany - KAESER Compresores de Colombia

Connected with the Industry 4.0.

The trade agreement with Colombia has gradually reduced tariffs for Kaeser's products, helping the German firm to expand into the market.

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Spain - Spanish wines in Mexico

Developing long-term relationships with specialized distributors is key to the company's strategy in Mexico.

The Agreement has benefited Terras Gauda by allowing EU wines to be imported into Mexico tariff-free.

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Sweden - Exploring the Innermost

Our NPS technology is used globally. We serve the electric vehicle industry and climate conscious cities all over the world.

The EU-Korea trade agreement has made it easier for us to export to Korea and to work with partners there.

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Romania - Software solutions for banks in Moldova

Adopting European regulations has allowed Moldovan banks to better position themselves in the wider financial services market.

Allevo started in financial services by connecting Romania’s top 6 banks, including the Ministry of Public Finance, to the Electronic Payment System back in 2003-2004. The software comprises several business features, including accounting reconciliation, cash management and compliance.

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Germany - Renewable energy on the horizon

The goal of this German company is to provide their customers with clean and affordable energy.

With a solar panel system and Sonnen's smart energy storage, households can cover up to 80 per cent of their energy needs with self-produced power.

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Greece - From farmlands in Greece to shops in Australia

Australia is a very interesting export destination for LIÁ. A trade agreement could open up the market so that LIÀ would be able to find importers for their product.

Awarded first place in several international olive oil competitions, LIÁ is an internationally recognised natural Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) from Filiatra, a picturesque town in Messenia, Greece.

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Sweden - Traditional craftsmanship from Scandinavia

The axes are made from locally produced, high-quality steel, strong hickory wood and vegetable tanned leather.

A trade agreement makes trade easier between the partners. Gränsfors Bruk hopes that increased interest in trade between EU and Australia will bring new customers and more opportunities.

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France - Putting French delicacies on Australians’ plates

Today GJ Foods carries around 1000 top-end products and is looking to expand its already wide selection.

Missing the food culture from the motherland, the founders of this Sydney-based company started sharing his love for French food with Australian consumers.

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Czechia - Czech airplanes soaring their way to Australia

The company has been exporting to Australia for several years, where the flyer-friendly planes are used in flying schools and by hobby pilots.

Increased exports mean BRM Aero produces around 80 airplanes a year, a number which is steadily growing. If the EU and Australia were to sign a trade agreement, orders would be likely to grow further still.

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Spain - Spanish chorizo heading to Mexico

Tello sells throughout Spain, and ex-ports its processed products and fresh and frozen meats to more than 40 countries.

The company's expansion has allowed it to double in size since 2012. In 2017 alone, it produced 49 million kilos of pig meat.

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France - Importing European cheese with ease

Selling imported European cheeses directly to final customers without intermediaries.

Based in Mexico City, the company imports and distributes European cheese to its customers throughout the capital. It reaches other parts of Mexico as well through events and local markets.

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Belgium - Giving Mexicans a taste for fine Belgian chocolates

In 2019, Galler will be distributed in stores and hotels all over Mexico.

Recently, the company has entered the Mexican market, by teaming up with Belimport, a medium-sized business based in the city of San Miguel de Allende in the central state of Guanajuato.

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France - French car-sharing makes Singaporeans more mobile

Blue Solutions is a leading manufacturer of lithium metal polymer batteries

In 2016, Blue Solutions was granted a contract by Singapore's Land Transport Authority and Economic Development Board to launch the city-state's first electric vehicle sharing scheme.

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Poland - Polish IT engineers take online shopping in Singapore to a new level

At its research & development centre in Warsaw, RTB House's team develops digital tools, or algorithms, that make e-commerce more effective

Thanks to the success of its digital solutions, RTB House cooperates with well-known brands like Adidas, Sephora, Reebok, Carrefour, and many more. Its online advertisement solutions are based on so-called deep learning, a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence.

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Spain – premium Iberian ham, which captivates wherever it goes, lays its eyes on Singapore

Cinco Jotas is a meat producer renowned for its top-of-the-line jamón ibérico - Iberian ham.

Cinco Jotas' main product, acorn-fed 100% Iberian ham, is produced in the southwestern Spanish town of Jabugo.

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Romania - Romanian branding & design help Asian brands stand out

Building on their experiences from working with Eastern European brands, business partners Aneta Bogdan, Cristian Paul and Mihai Bogdan teamed up in 2002 to create the consulting firm Brandient.

Brandient helps companies strengthen their competitive advantage by finding ways to visualise the client's corporate identity, and the quality and design of their products, in the form of product designs, logos and slogans.

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Austria - Austrian engineering puts solar panels on Singapore's rooftops

Aerocompact designs and produces aluminium mounting solutions for solar panels.

The Austrian company's reputation for quality and engineering has allowed them to expand abroad. Southeast Asia represents a huge market for renewable energy technologies.

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Spain - South American trade deal a stepping stone for Spanish producer

With a trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur on the horizon, the company is now looking forward to increasing its business.

Whether it is for countertops, façades, interior floors or interior walls, Levantina Natural Stone Company provides high quality stone to customers all over the world.

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Italy - Ready to paint the Mercosur market red

Carioca has made it possible to put creative ideas to paper for over 50 years.

This Italian producer of drawing materials was founded in one of Italy's biggest cultural centres, Turin. Carioca has made it possible to put creative ideas to paper for over 50 years. The company provides tools for colouring and drawing, both in Italy and in over 60 other countries.

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Finland - Giving Argentinians a taste of traditional Finnish brewing

Mallaskoski Brewery (Part of Momentin Group Ltd) is an award-winning beer producer from Seinäjoki in Western Finland.

The company sees growing demand for its types of beer in South America, and especially in Argentina, and would like to launch exports there. A trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur would open up a whole new market, where similar tastes in beer are found on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Sweden - Boosting renewable energy in Argentina

Cue Dee makes masts with instruments to measure wind strength - essential for any wind energy project. It is active in the wind industry and the development of green energy.

The EU-Mercosur deal could help Cue Dee by removing Mercosur customs duties, enabling Cue Dee to offer Argentinian consumers better value.

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Slovenia - Selling a unique pumpkin seed oil in Argentina

Gea makes a traditional pumpkin seed oil typical of the regions of Styria and Prekmurje in Slovenia.

It has a long tradition of producing vegetable oils, including pumpkin seed oil, linseed and walnut oil, rapeseed and seasoned oils. Its products are ISO certified, meaning the company carefully manages its environmental impact.

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Portugal - Making science fun for kids in Brazil and beyond

Portuguese firm Science4you exports games that help children and young people learn about science and astronomy to more than 40 countries.

Science4you have exported to Brazil since 2010. The current import tariffs in Brazil mean that Science4you's products become much more expensive on the Brazilian market.

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France - Top cheeses set for Canada’s tables

CETA doubles the current duty-free quota for EU cheese exports while protecting distinctive European regional food and drink products on the Canadian market.

Maison Mons is a French family firm specialised in refining and selling exceptional cheeses. Founded in 1964, Maison Mons is renowned for the 'affinage' or refinement of its cheeses. This is the second stage in cheese-making, where a combination of water, air and temperature is used to develop textures, aromas, flavours and rinds.

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Austria - A new brew for Canadian consumers

CETA creates new opportunities that are of particular interest to small businesses across the EU trying to export to Canada.

Schärf Coffee is a family business which operates over 300 coffee shops in 23 countries under the Coffee shop Company brand, supplying them with coffee from Austria. Schärf uses only premium high-grown Arabica beans for its coffees, sourced from the best coffee growing areas around the globe. It then roasts all its beans in Austria.

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Austria - Raising a glass to the end of Canadian tariffs

CETA has opened up Canada's market to European wine by removing import tariffs and removing other barriers faced by European exporters.

Österreich Wein, the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, has helped to promote the sales of Austrian wine both at home and abroad.

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Spain - Spanish shoe company wants a larger footprint in Japan

Seville-based Spanish shoe company Masaltos gets nearly two thirds of its revenue from overseas sales

Masaltos is keen on the EU-Japan trade deal because by cutting export costs it will help the company become more competitive and increase sales in one of its most competitive markets.

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Austria - Innovative tech solutions for Japan, made in Austria

Headquartered in Villach in the state of Carinthia, microelectronics firm Infineon Austria is a leading business in the country.

Energy efficiency, mobility and security are three global megatrends in modern society. They are also the central challenges that Infineon addresses with its semiconductor and system solutions.

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Italy - Japanese love affair with Italian coats and jackets set to blossom

Herno hopes the new EU-Japan trade deal will scrap Japanese customs tariffs completely from day one

Family - run company Herno produces high quality coats and jackets from its base in Lesa, Novara in northern Italy. Employing 170 people, it combines high style and quality with environmentally sustainable production. In 2016, sales revenue reached €76 million, a 10% increase on 2015. Exports accounted for over 60% of the company's total revenue.

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Poland - Polish yachts set sail for Canada

CETA is set to remove 99% of all customs duties, including the 9.5% currently imposed on yachts

The Delphia Yachts shipyard was founded in 1990 by two brothers, Piotr and Wojciech Kot. The company has since become the largest builder of luxury yachts in Poland, exporting 95% of its production to more than 40 countries around the world.

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Belgium - Belgian essential oils producer is ready for Canada

The upcoming EU-Canada trade agreement could facilitate product certification on both sides of the Atlantic – and create new export opportunities for a Walloon essential oils laboratory.

Exports are essential for the business success of many small companies in Europe. At Belgian essential oils producer Pranarôm, exports even account for 90% of the firm's turnover. Even though Pranarôm has already made a successful market entry in Canada, it welcomes the upcoming EU-Canada trade agreement as an opportunity that will facilitate the introduction and certification of its products in this market.

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Italy - Trade deals whet thirst for Italian wine

EU trade deals help Italian winery offer its produce in more countries around the world

Col d'Orcia is an Italian winery located in Tuscany. The vineyard estate has been producing wine since 1890 and now comprises 140 hectares. Perhaps most famous for its Brunello di Montalcino wine famous to the region, Col d'Orcia has been exporting its wine around the world for 45 years, taking advantage of EU trade deals.

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Germany - EU trade deal secures jobs in German engineering sector

The removal of trade tariffs helped German manufacturer of bookbinding machines find profitable market in South Korea.

Kolbus, founded in 1775, is a German company from North Rhine-Westphalia which specialises in book binding and paper processing machines. The 2011 EU trade deal with South Korea abolished customs duties between the two partners, enabling Kolbus to offer its products at more competitive prices.

As the company's exports increased, so too did the number of its employees. The strength of the the company's exports has secured at least 10 jobs in Germany.

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Spain - Spanish company finds beefy market in the Middle East

EU trade agreements with countries such as Lebanon open new business markets for European beef producers

Cecinas Nieto is a Spanish family business specialised in gourmet meat products. The award-winning company, founded in 1965, exports its products to many countries around the world with a recent focus on the Middle East. The company has taken advantage of the EU-Lebanon trade agreement which enables it and other European beef exporters to keep pace with stiff competition from the likes of India and Brazil.

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Belgium - Flemish company powers across the globe

EU trade deals lower tariff duties and other barriers to trade, helping small businesses grow

WeWatt is a Flemish company with a lofty goal: to turn human kinetic energy into usable power. The small company was founded in 2011 by Patricia Ceysens and Katarina Verhaegen in a bid to address not only today's largely sedentary lifestyle but also growing concerns about climate change and sustainable energy. The company creates innovative pieces of furniture equipped with pedals to generate electricity while users are waiting, working or socializing.

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Luxembourg - Luxembourgish innovation recognised in South Korea

EU trade agreements open doors to SMEs

iNUI Studio is a Luxembourgish SME in the computing industry. Founded in 2010, the company develops software solutions for businesses. Specialised in the field of Natural User Interface (NUI) systems, the company also has patents pending in gesture recognition technologies. The SME, with sights set on international markets, benefits from the improved business environments that result from EU trade deals.

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Belgium - New aromas for European coffee drinkers

Flemish coffee roaster creates partnerships around the globe

Established in the Belgian region of Flanders in 2001 as a coffee roaster, OR subsequently expanded, opening a training centre and three espresso bars, one in Ghent and two in Brussels. With the conviction that the best coffee beans come directly from farmers, the company decided to increase its international activity. As a result of the trade deals, OR was able to build partnerships with farmers in countries such as Costa Rica. These partnerships entail the farmers taking on an active role in the coffee-making process rather than just supplying beans.

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Spain - Spanish fashion takes on Mexico

EU trade deals lower customs duties and other barriers to trade helping small businesses grow

Optim is Barcelonan company which manufactures high quality frames and sunglasses. The company, like many Spanish fashion brands, has benefitted from the EU's trade agreements with countries such as Mexico, Peru and Colombia. EU trade agreements with partners around the world reduce customs duties and other barriers to trade, enabling European companies to offer their products at more attractive price.

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Luxembourg - Colombian fruit an essential ingredient in Luxembourg firm’s growth

EU trade deals support the growth of small businesses, creating jobs

TUKI, founded in 2014, produces and sells Colombian fruit juice. The small Luxembourgish company benefited from the signing of the EU trade deal with Colombia and Peru. The agreement has made it easier for European firms to do business with the two countries. This has been instrumental in enabling TUKI to grow.

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Poland - Polish superfruit boosts South Korea

EU trade agreements open up new markets for Polish agricultural products

International trade has increased the demand for Chokeberry from Poland, the world's largest producer of the berry packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Poland produces more than 50,000 tons of chokeberry per year, of which more than 90% is exported. EU trade agreements, such as the one signed with South Korea in 2011, lower tariffs and ease the administrative burdens of international trade. The trade agreement enabled small Polish Chokeberry producer, Aronia Polska, to enter the South Korean market – a move that was previously only possible for the biggest players in the industry.

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Italy - Traditional Italian pasta triumphs in South Africa

In 2015, 33% of Italian pasta was exported to countries outside the EU

The EU trade agreement with South Africa opened up new business opportunities for Astorino, a family-run Calabrian pasta producer. The firm exported 1 tonne of pasta to South Africa in 2015.

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Spain - EU Trade deal is music to the ears of a Spanish manufacturer

Spanish manufacturer of classical guitars finds the groove In South Korea.

Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez is a Spanish manufacturer of classical guitars. Handcrafting guitars since 1902, the small company is now present in 120 countries around the world – and EU trade deals are helping it do so. Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez benefited from the 2011 EU-South Korea trade deal because the sharp reduction of trade tariffs enabled Spanish-made goods to more fairly compete with Chinese manufacturers.

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Austria - EU trade deals bring in dough for Austrian bakery

EU trade deals reduce import duties and remove other barriers to trade, helping European businesses rise to the top

Backaldrin is a family-owned baking ingredients manufacturer headquartered in Asten, Upper Austria. The company, founded in 1964, is the inventor of the Kornspitz grain roll and has found success in many markets all over the world.

In its expansion efforts, the family business targets countries with which the EU has negotiated trade deals. These allow Backaldrin to benefit from considerably lower customs duties and to offer its products at more competitive prices.

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Luxembourg - For Luxembourgish SME the world is its market

EU trade deals support heavy lifting

CODIPRO is a small Luxembourgish business which designs and manufactures patented safety swivel rings for use with heavy equipment. The company makes full use of EU trade agreements, exporting to sixty countries around the world via a network of distributors.

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Italy - Italian design makes its presence felt in Chile

EU trade agreements support SME exports, boost investment and create jobs

The EU-Chile trade agreement simplified a complex business environment, eliminating customs duties and boosting international demand. Moving, an Italian chair manufacturer, has seen its exports to Chile rise by over 50% since the agreement came into force in 2003, while exports of Italian chairs as a whole to Chile have almost doubled.

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Spain - Innovation the key to Spanish firm's success in Mexico

By eliminating tariffs, an EU trade deal with Mexico has allowed Cosentino, a surface designer and manufacturer, to grow

Cosentino is a family-owned Spanish business specialised in the production of innovative surfaces for the field of architecture and design. It started life in 1940 as a processor of marble from the famous quarries at Macael in Andalusia. Today the company exports its products to more than 80 countries around the world and generates 90% of its turnover from exports.

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Belgium - Belgian family business goes global

A Flemish company shines a light on the benefits of EU trade deals

EU trade agreements support small businesses throughout Europe. Discover how EU trade deals favour revenue growth and job creation in a Flemish family business.

Delta Light is a Belgian family business which specialises in architectural lighting for residential and commercial buildings. The company exports to more than 120 countries, accounting for 70% of its turnover.

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Poland - Polish cosmetics manufacturer gives the world a makeover

EU trade agreements lower customs duties and other barriers to trade, helping European companies enter new markets

From its beginnings in Przemyśl, Poland, in 1983, Inglot Cosmetics has become one of the world's leading cosmetics manufacturers. It went global in 2006, starting in Canada, followed by the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, India, Turkey and the USA. Inglot now has more than 600 shops in 80 countries and opens 60 to 70 more every year.

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Italy - Italian organic fertilisers crack the South American market

Small business sees a boost in turnover and investment thanks to EU trade deals

International trade has increased the demand for organic fertilizers from the Italian small business Biolchim. This has enabled the company to invest in research and hire more staff. Since the EU signed a trade agreement with Peru and Colombia in 2012 Biolchim’s exports to Latin America have risen by over 110%.

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France - French start-up plays its cards right in South Korea

EU-South Korea trade deal sees French plastic cards maker triumph in Asia

Evolis is a start-up located in Angers in the West of France. The company designs, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive range of printing systems and plastic card personalisation solutions. The 2011 EU trade agreement with South Korea cut trade tariffs between the two partners, enabling Evolis to offer its products to consumers at a more competitive price. Since the agreement entered into force in 2011, Evolis has seen an annual growth rate of approximately 17%.

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Spain - EU trade deals are a breath of fresh air

EU trade deals lower customs duties and other barriers to trade helping small businesses grow

Foramen is a Spanish manufacturer of oral hygiene products. Founded in 1918 the company now exports to 40 countries around the world.

EU trade agreements with countries such as Mexico have been instrumental in creating a system of fair and open trade. For companies like Foramen, this system has been essential to its path in becoming a leader in the oral hygiene sector which is dominated by companies that operate on low production costs.

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Germany - Free trade promotes natural products

Medium-sized company from Hamburg saves customs duties on rose hip imports from Chile

A Hamburg-based company benefits from reduced customs duties on the import of rose hips from Chile. As such, it saves about €24 000 per year due to the trade agreement between the EU and the South American country. “Free trade allows us to pass on high-quality raw materials to our clients under more competitive terms,” explains von Eben-Worlée. Free trade, he continues, eventually benefits the consumer, because it facilitates access to foreign high-quality products.

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Austria - Austrian wine makes a splash in the Andes

EU trade agreements with Colombia and Peru help Austrian winery enter new markets

Rainer Wess winery is located in the Kremstal region of the Wachau Valley of Austria. It has been producing wine since 2003. The winery has earned a strong reputation for its Grüner Veltiner and Riesling wines and presently exports to more than twenty countries around the world. Supported by EU trade deals with international partners, Rainer Wess exports 65% of its produce.

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Italy - Italian cotton manufacturer finds profitable markets around the world

EU trade deals reduce trade tariffs and open up new export opportunities

The Albini group is an Italian manufacturer of fabric for shirts. In business since 1876 the company, headquartered in Bergamo, exports to over 80 countries around the world. The Albini Group generates 70% of its turnover from exports and has benefited from EU trade agreements with partners around the world.

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France - Organic cosmetics producer finds success in South Korea

EU-South Korea trade agreement has enabled French SME to boost international exports

Laboratoire Soniam creates and produces a wide range of plant extracts for the cosmetics industry. The small company, situated in the heart of the Creuse region of France, benefited from the EU-South Korea trade agreement because the reduced tariff and administrative barriers helped the company offer its products at more attractive prices.

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Italy - In South Korea violins have a sound of Cremona

EU trade deals sees Italian luthiers triumph in South Korea

Sound of Cremona is a small artisan business from Cremona, Italy. The company has been making high quality violins since 1990 and exports its goods all around the world. The 2011 EU-South Korea trade agreement was particularly beneficial to Sound of Cremona, seeing a 65% increase in turnover there in the first five years.

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Spain - Spanish biscuits are popular in Algeria

EU trade deals lower customs duties helping European companies grow

Galletas Gullón is one of Europe's leading biscuit manufacturers and among the leading food groups in Spain. Founded in 1892, the company now exports its biscuits to more than 100 countries around the world. The EU-Algeria trade agreement entered into force in 2005. It lowered tariff barriers, which had previously been as high as 30%, to make it easier for European companies like Galletas Gullón to export their goods there.

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Germany - German solar panel company shines internationally

EU trade deals lower barriers to trade, boosting the exports of small Franconian provider of solar technology

The 2013 EU trade deal with Colombia has contributed to the international success of German solar panel company, IBC Solar. The agreement reduced the customs duties and bureaucratic burdens that previously made this market inaccessible. The company's turnover in Colombia, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and South Africa increased by a combined €2m from 2013 to 2015.

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Poland - Polish outdoor equipment company climbs in popularity

EU-Ukraine trade deal smooths business relations and lowers customs duties

Fjord Nansen is a Polish company specialised in outdoor equipment. Exports are increasingly important to the company and EU trade deals support that endeavour. Between 2013 and 2014 about 25% of the company's turnover was generated from international sales. A key market is Ukraine. In 2011 the company exported a record 23% of its production there.

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Luxembourg - Luxembourgish beer in Colombian bars

EU-Colombia trade deal opens up new export opportunities for Luxembourg-based brewery.

The 2013 EU-Colombia trade deal helped Luxembourg's Bofferding brewery to get into a market 100 times bigger than that of Luxembourg. Strong exports to Colombia have boosted the brewery's growth and overall, Bofferding now exports 34 000 hectolitres of beer a year.

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Austria - The only way is up - a cable car for Bogotá, made in Austria

Exports help world-leading manufacturer of rope-based transport systems gain traction in new markets South America.

The 2013 EU-Colombia trade deal made it easier for EU firms to do business there. This has helped Austrian manufacturer, Doppelmayr to expand in South America. Doppelmayr's international success also benefits local Austrian suppliers with contracts with companies based around Wolfurt region worth over €50 million.

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Poland - Polish pottery a hit in South Korea

International trade revitalises Polish pottery industry

International trade has reenergised the pottery industry in Bolesławiec, Poland, boosting business, employment and local investment.

Following the 2011 EU-South Korea trade deal, a third of the ceramics made by the town's Manufaktura pottery factory are sold in South Korea.

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Poland - Ready to reap the fruits of CETA

The removal of customs duties on Europe's Fruit and vegetable imports will benefit European companies seeking new export opportunities to Canada.

The Warsaw based Ewa-Bis exports fruit and vegetables from all over Poland. Its products are sold in 25 countries around the world. Ewa-Bis was founded by Marek Marzec, who grew up in his family orchard in Sandomierz, Poland. It was there he learned the basics of growing fruit trees and planted the seeds to his future career.

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Germany - Sparkling wine producer from Trier celebrates breakthrough in South Korea

Trade agreement removes tariffs – small company increases exports fifty-fold.

The 2011 EU-South Korea trade deal abolished customs duties between the two partners. This enabled German wine producer, Saar-Mosel-Winzersekt GmbH (SMW), to increase the number of bottles exported to South Korea by a multiple of 50. The company’s turnover has also increased by roughly 45% since the agreement was signed, rising to €1.3m – and an additional employee has been hired.

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Italy - Sicilian workmanship finds a place by Canada’s heart

Italian tie maker finds profitable market in Canada

Graffeo Cravatte is an Italian manufacturer of high quality handmade ties. The company, based in Alcamo in the province of Trapani has been supplying ties to the Italian market for the last 24 years. Recently, however, Graffeo Cravatte has been setting its sights on international markets as far away as North America.

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France - French wine destined for international markets

EU trade agreements help small producers enter new markets by lowering commercial barriers to trade

The 2011 EU trade deal with South Korea has enabled French wine producer, Pascal Jolivet, to take advantage of lower commercial barriers to trade. Just three years after the agreement entered into force, Pascal Jolivet’s exports to South Korea had risen to more than 5000 bottles each year.

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Germany - EU trade deal gives German firm a lift

Lifting equipment manufacturer expands thanks to trade relations with South Africa

The 2000 EU-South Africa trade deal has enabled a small manufacturer of industrial lifting equipment from south-west Germany to take advantage of new export opportunities and hire workers. Its equipment has helped to improve working conditions and promote equal opportunities in South Africa.

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Germany - South Korean food packaged by German machinery

German manufacturer of food packaging machines finds profitable market in South Korea

The 2011 EU-South Korea trade deal abolished customs duties between the two partners. This allowed German firm, Meypack to cut the price of its food packaging machines in South Korea by 8%, leading the value of its annual exports there to rise to over €2.4 million.

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France - Fresh water from a French firm

EU trade deal helps French water treatment plant tap previously inaccessible market

The 2003 EU-Chile trade deal cut import taxes and other trade barriers. This enabled French water treatment firm, Eau Pure, to enter the Chilean market, doubling turnover in two years. The workforce has also grown from 10 to 20 employees.

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France - Canadians catch a whiff of French cheese

CETA will enable a French cheese producer to satisfy Canadian demand whilst keeping all of its production in France

Fromagerie Delin is a French cheese producer based close to Nuits-Saint-Georges in Burgundy. The company is a perfect example of the opportunities created for small businesses as a result of EU trade deals. The company’s international success has supported the breadth of its supply chain and supported job creation in the region.

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Austria - Exports help Austrian climbing equipment maker reach the summit

EU trade deals help Austrian company grasp new markets around the world.

The 2011 EU-South Korea trade deal eliminated customs duties enabling AustiAlpin, a climbing equipment maker, to start doing business there. The company now exports around 80% of its products and is eager to reap the benefits of more EU trade deals, such as with Canada.

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Belgium - South American drinkers get a taste for Belgian beer

EU trade deals give small Belgian breweries access to new markets

The 2013 EU trade deal with Columbia and Peru made rules for beer imports to those countries clearer, which in turn made it easier for smaller breweries to sell their beer there. The family-owned Huyghe Brewery has taken advantage of the simplified administrative requirements, posting substantial profits as a result.

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Germany - Anti-aging beer is a great success in South Korea

Brandenburg-based brewery boosts sales in Asia, with sights now set on Canada.

The 2011 EU-South Korea trade agreement abolished customs duties and reduced bureaucratic barriers to trade. As a result, German brewery, Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle, was able to increase its exports to South Korea by 400 per cent. The company now looks forward to the ratification of the EU’s trade agreement with Canada. According to the company’s estimates, the brewery’s exports to Canada would increase by 33 per cent.

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France - Champagne exports make a fizz in Mexico

Trade deal helps Champagne house create jobs and increase production.

The 2000 EU-Mexico trade deal has multiplied trade, investment, growth and jobs on both sides of the Atlantic. With the planned strengthening of the deal, the Drappier Champagne house, whose exports to Mexico have led to new jobs and increased production, will benefit from an even more open market.

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Germany - CETA holds great opportunity for German recycling firm

Hessian service provider has eyes on Canadian market with plans to contribute to environmental protection.

Reclay Group is an international service provider in packaging and waste management, headquartered in Herborn, Germany. The company works with 4000 clients worldwide and provides consultancy to governments in reaching their recycling targets. Reclay hopes to consolidate its position in Canada by participating in public procurement processes under the regulations of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada.

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Austria - A caffeine boost for European export

EU trade deals help turn Austrian coffee house into a global franchise.

The Austrian Coffeeshop Company has over 300 franchises worldwide. The company’s international expansion was also possible thanks to the EU’ trade agreements with countries such as Mexico, Morocco, and Egypt, which reduced much of the administrative work needed to enter those markets. This lowered the cost of establishing franchises and made products cheaper, although some challenges remain.

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France - French manufacturer of gasometers fuels clean energy production in South Korea

EU trade deal enables small Bordeaux business to export green technologies.

VSO Biogas Technologies is a Bordeaux-based business which specialises in gasholders and equipment for biogas storage, all of which are made in France. The 2011 EU-South Korea trade deal came at a golden opportunity for the company because the reduction of tax barriers and administrative procedures enabled VSO to offer its products at more competitive prices. Since 2011, VSO’s trade with South Korea has been generating a turnover of between €100 000 and €300 000 each year.

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Austria - Austrian jewellery shines across the globe

Viennese jeweller moves into South America thanks to EU trade deal.

The 2013 EU trade deal with Colombia has contributed to the international success of Viennese jeweller, Freywille. The firm has hired new workers and opened a successful shop in Colombia, which should lead to further expansion in the Americas.

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France - Canadians satisfy a sweet tooth

French confectioner finds a sweet deal in Canada.

La Confiserie du Roy René is a French confectioner specialised in calissons. The company, based in Aix-en-Provence, has been perfecting the art of calissons (sweets made of candied fruit and almonds) since 1920. The company adopted a strategy of internationalisation in 2014 by taking advantage of EU trade deals with partners around the world. Today, La Confiserie du Roy René is a world leader in both making and retailing calissons.

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Italy - From East to West, everyone loves Italian balsamic vinegar

Italian vinegar producer finds profitable market in South Korea.

Mengazzoli is an Italian manufacturer of vinegar. The small company has been producing a large variety of vinegars since 1962. Ever since the EU-South Korea trade agreement entered into force in 2011, Mengazzoli has enjoyed a strong and steady increase in demand, tripling its revenue in that market. Mengazzoli now has its eyes on the EU’s trade agreement with Canada, an important market for Italian vinegar which absorbs 5% of the total production.

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