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Trade policy and you


Trade policy affects EU citizens. The European Commission listens to all input so that EU policy accurately reflects society's values and interests as a whole. It is built with EU citizens input, which is made before, during and after the negotiating process:


  • Consultations: the EU tries to reach out to all stakeholders– businesses, trade unions, NGOs, and the broader public – for their views and thoughts when formulating policies or negotiations.
  • Specific events on trade policy take place in Brussels and around the world on specific trade topics to gather input as a policy area is developing.


  • The EU draws on the expertise of groups affected by trade policy to ensure its trade deals are in the European interest and will work in practice.
  • EU's Trade department has regular meetings during civil society dialogue meetings which attract organisations from many walks of life.


  • Civil society organisations provide advice to the Parties for trade agreements concluded between the EU and partner countries, specifically on social and environmental issues.

The European Commission is committed to providing clear information on trade policy:

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