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Trade and jobs

EU companies export to the rest of the world nearly as much as China and more than firms in the US or any other country.

And this gives jobs to 36 million Europeans! 

See how trade supports jobs in your country!




Exports from Sweden to countries outside the EU support 724 thousand jobs in Sweden.

Another 146 thousand Swedes are in jobs linked to exports from other EU countries to countries outside the EU.

This means 17% of jobs in Sweden depends on EU exports.

Swedish exports to countries outside the EU also support around 203 thousand jobs in the rest of the EU.

In Sweden, most people in export-related jobs are high-skilled workers.
Employment by Member States supported by EU exports by skill
High Medium Low
Skills 30 54 16
Two-thirds of export-related jobs in Sweden are in services.
Employment by EU exports to the rest of the world, by industry
metallic & basic metals machinery & transport equipment services others
Sectors 7 15 66 12