EU-Vietnam - a boost for jobs and exports in Bulgaria

Businesses of all sizes in towns and cities across Bulgaria already export a wide range of goods and services to Vietnam.

The EU-Vietnam trade agreement will make it easier and cheaper for them to do so.


Companies and jobs

137 The number of Bulgarian companies that export to Vietnam.

77% The share of EU companies exporting to Vietnam that are small and medium-sized enterprises.


Exports and Imports

Bulgaria and Vietnam already have a close trading relationship. The EU-Vietnam trade agreement will give it a big boost.

36th Vietnam is Bulgaria's 36th biggest trade partner outside the EU.

€ 25m The value of Bulgarian exports to Vietnam.

€ 44m The value of Bulgarian imports from Vietnam.


EU trade agreements benefit companies and communities

  • Products: Dun and Bradstreet, 2018. The product examples are drawn from a sample of all EU companies exporting to Vietnam. The location represents place of production/shipment.
  • Companies: Statistics on international trade in goods by enterprise characteristics, Eurostat, 2015 (latest available year).