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Actions against exports from the EU

As the world's leading exporter, the EU is sometimes the subject of trade defence investigations initiated in non-EU countries.

  • The EU's trade policy aims to help the EU to compete better on international markets. Unwarranted trade defence measures unfairly block EU exporters' free access to the world's markets, and their negative impact should be minimised whenever possible.
  • Any exporting industry subject to a trade defence action initiated by a non-EU country is responsible for defending its rights throughout the proceedings and for cooperating with the investigating authorities to favour a positive outcome.

Trade defence measures against EU exports in force in non-EU markets

Number of Anti-dumping / Anti-subsidy measures in force at the 30 of September 2015 per country
Country Measures in force
India 24
China 18
USA 18
Brazil 15
Turkey 13
Indonesia 8
Australia 6
Argentina 5
Canada 5
Marocco 5
others 36

EU trade defence policy

Guide for EU exporters

Guide for EU exporters

If your business is subject to a trade defence investigation by a non-EU country, this handbook provides the practical information you need. 



Annual report on trade defence actions in non-EU countries

The European Commission monitors and assists affected EU industries when non-EU countries take trade defence measures against EU exporters. The Commission also plays a more direct role in anti-subsidy and safeguard investigations when EU subsidies are involved and the EU as a whole is targeted.

The Commission:

  • closely monitors the development of trade defence investigations initiated by non-EU countries: the EU publishes statistics concerning ongoing investigations and measures in force and an annual report on non-EU country trade defence actions
  • assists and advises EU national authorities and the EU industry concerned by investigations initiated by non-EU countries
  • promotes discipline and seeks to make non-EU countries comply with their WTO obligations through bilateral meetings, consultations under the relevant WTO Agreements or WTO dispute settlement mechanism.

Ongoing investigations in non-EU markets

More on Actions against exports from the EU

The Commission has compiled detailed information relating to trade defence investigations conducted by non-EU countries. This information is available for the main users of the instruments as set out below. If you have any other specific knowledge or experience, please share it with us, so that we can update our information.