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Trans-European Energy Networks


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Grants in the field of the Trans-European Energy Network (TEN-E)
- Call for proposals under the annual work programme for grants in the field of the Trans-European Energy Network (TEN-E) for 2008

Closing date for submission of applications: 30/06/2008

TEN-E Information Day on 20 May 2008      
Presentations are available


The European Union finances electricity and gas transmission infrastructure projects of European interest. A yearly budget of about 25 Million Euros is spent mainly for supporting feasibility studies. Most of the projects cross national borders or have an influence on several EU Member States.

The guidelines on Trans European Energy Networks specify which projects are eligible for funding. The financial rules specify the financial procedures involved.

The call for applications for funding is open in the first quarter of each year. Applications are made by promoters of eligible projects, like electricity and gas transmission companies, investors in LNG facilities and gas storages. Projects need to be supported by the Member States involved.

The Trans European Energy Networks are integral to the European Union’s overall energy policy objectives, increasing competitiveness in the electricity and gas markets, reinforcing security of supply, and protecting the environment.



last update: 22-05-2008