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Taxation and Customs Union

Wise Persons Group on the challenges facing the Customs Union #EUHaveYourSay

Share your views until 31 January 2022.

Custom authorities are currently confronted with several megatrends that need to be addressed effectively in the coming years. Some of them can present opportunities while others are mostly seen as challenges: a) the exponential growth of e-commerce, b) lack of a uniform approach among Member States to combating fiscal and non-fiscal risks in imported goods and the scope for using the availability of large data to ensure a more uniform application of risk management rules, c) the substantial growth of non-fiscal tasks attributed to customs authorities, and d) the cross-cutting question that arises when addressing these megatrends, namely whether smarter management (“governance”) of the Customs Union, in particular a more coherent division of responsibilities between the EU-level and Member States, would help to address these and other future developments. The Wise Persons Group has been established in order to tackle these issues and to help the Commission and the Member States to decide how to organise their collaboration in an effective manner. This web page is open to public and you are welcome to send your contribution in order to share with us your vision for a better Customs Union and to provide ideas and solutions on how it could be achieved. The Names of associations to the sharing their views will be published. The name, email address and phone number of individuals will not be made publicly available. All submissions including your personal details will be deleted from the system by 30/06/2022. Share your views until 15 December 2021.