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Dear user,

In order to respond to expressed needs, the Vies-on-the-Web system started offering the testing facility to the development teams trying to:

  • Perform integration testing of their own applications;
  • Or to verify the availability of the VIES-on-the-Web application.

Both actions can be performed as follows:

For the Interactive service:

  • In the field “VAT Number”, please input the following exact text “TESTVATNUMBER”;
  • Push “Verify”;
  • The reply to be received should be: “No, invalid VAT number”;

 → the aforementioned reply means that the Service is available.


For the SOAP service you may send your xml request by using the following WSDL link:


and by using the below values (common for all Member States/ CountryCodes) for each required result:


“vatNumber” value=100, response= VALID

“vatNumber” value=200, response = INVALID


Please note that for the actual use of SOAP service you may refer to Question 18 of the FAQ page.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Dear User,

VIES on the Web will offer to a non-EU trader the capability to request for VAT Registration information validity of EU traders (VoES) and to acquire the consultation number for this request.


Dear User,

Please take into account that we are currently experiencing some issues with the verification against the Danish National VAT database.

As a result, the validation of the Danish VAT numbers in VIES on the Web application cannot be guaranteed.

In case that you encounter such a situation, please re-submit your validation later.

We are working to resolve the issue. Sorry for any inconvenience.