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TIN online check module

Online check module

Important disclaimer:

The online check module confirms whether the structure of the TIN you enter is valid (types and number of characters).

It can also validate the syntax (i.e. algorithm/internal logic) only when the national authority has informed us of the algorithm.

Contrary to VAT number checks carried out on the VIES portal, it does NOT confirm the identity of a person nor whether the TIN you enter actually exists or has been allocated.

As any updates must be provided by the national authorities, we cannot guarantee that the information provided is up to date.

Please note that the Tax Identification Number Validation Module can validate only Tax Identification Numbers referred to a natural persons. Member States may use other formats as Tax Identification Numbers for legal entities, which cannot be validated by TIN on Europa.

If a specified TIN appears invalid:

  • First, check with the individual concerned that the TIN is correct
  • Then, pursue the matter with the person's tax authorities or ask the person to do so him/herself.

For open interface and batch requests: Get the WSDL file for the SOAP service.
Contact with any technical questions about this service.

For development of internal check modules: Get the TIN specifications as far as Member States are legally allowed to share publicly their algorithm in full or in part. Get also the Java code for these Member States.

Get the programming guide for the usage of the Web Service.

If the online check doesn't run – this could be for maintenance reasons. Please try again later.

Legal notice

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