Taxation and customs union

Further background information

Preparatory work in 2010

On 7 October 2010 the Commission published a communication (COM/2010/549 ) setting out ideas for the future taxation of the financial sector. This was followed on 22 February 2011 by the launch of a public consultation on the taxation of the financial sector, aimed to receive as wide as possible feedback on the ideas set out in the Communication. The results of the consultation are available on the website.

In parallel, the Commission has explored ways to introduce a financial transaction tax at global level since 2009 with its international partners in the G20 (Pittsburgh, Toronto) and will continue to do so.

The proposal of 28 September 2011

The Financial Transaction Tax explained: a video interview of Manfred Bergmann, Director for Indirect Taxation and Tax Administration, European Commission


Short version with English subtitles (3 minutes)
Complete version (14 minutes)


  • seven explanatory notes published by the European Commission that provide the results of further analysis and clarifications on how the FTT would work in practice.


The steps towards "enhanced cooperation"


Experience with newly-introduced FTTs in Member States of the EU

Did the new French tax on financial transactions influence trading volumes, price levels and/or volatility on the taxed market segment? – A trend analysis.