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Taxation and Customs Union

The European Commission offers a range of training and education materials about customs and tax topics. All materials on these pages are available free of charge and many are available in multiple languages. Please note that, for confidentiality or security reasons, the access to some of the material is limited to a specific target audience only.

Visit the Customs and Tax EU Learning Portal to access the learning offers and join a growing community of EU customs and tax professionals training for excellence

In this section of the website, you will find the following training materials:

eLearning courses and eBooks

The European Commission’s electronic learning materials are produced in collaboration with customs and taxation administrations and representatives of trade. Most material is available for download freely, however, some courses contain sensitive information and their use might be limited to specific

CustCompEU - EU Customs Competency Framework

Setting out a consensus view of knowledge, skills and behaviours required by customs professionals in the EU.


An online portal for young people to teach them in a fun and interactive way about tax issues and the negative effects of tax fraud on society

Customs blueprints

The customs blueprints aim to help improve the operational capacity of customs services by setting standards of achievement in key areas

TaxCompEU - EU Competency Framework for Taxation

Setting out a consensus view of knowledge, skills and behaviours required by taxation professionals in the EU.

EU Recognition of State-of-the-Art Customs Academic Programmes

The European Commission has taken the initiative to recognise academic programmes that equip students with the optimal Customs competency standards. European Customs Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes can be awarded with a Certificate of Recognition.