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Taxation and Customs Union

Tax Administration EU Summit - TADEUS

In April 2018, the EU economy and finance ministers agreed to commence discussions on how to foster cooperation between tax administrations further to a series of Commission reports revealing the loopholes in administrative cooperation. In response to this, the Heads of Tax Administration and the Commission decided - at a meeting in Thessaloniki in June 2018 and during the G28 meeting in Vienna in September 2018 - to create a new forum called TADEUS: the Tax Administration EU Summit. The Heads believe that strengthening and deepening cooperation among them will not only bring operational benefits for each tax administration, but will also increase tax fairness in the internal market. The Heads of Tax Administrations in the EU Member States and the European Commission met in Helsinki, on 17-18 September 2019, for the first TADEUS Plenary meeting. There they:

  • endorsed the findings of the project on ‘Digital and data’– on reporting requirements for the sharing and gig economy - led by Finland.
  • agreed to continue working on the projects
    • ‘Enabling building trust and ensuring compliance’ led by Sweden and
    • ‘HR Management Agility and Readiness model’ led by Greece
  • launched work on
    • strengthening EUROFISC, the EU’s network to combat VAT fraud led by Portugal and
    • monitoring the performance of administrative cooperation in the EU, led by France.

On 26 November 2020, the Heads of Tax Administrations in EU Member States held their second annual summit under TADEUS. The half-day online meeting was co‑organised with the German Presidency of the Council of the EU. This time the summit:

  • took stock of the outcome of the project launched last year on the future strategy and governance for EUROFISC and agreed on the next steps for operationalising the report’s recommendations.
  • launched a new project, led by Italy, on tax gap methodologies for both direct and indirect taxation, with the aim of sharing their experience, building a common methodology and obtaining new insights in tried and tested tax compliance measures.
  • decided, by means of a Multi-Annual Strategic Plan for Taxation, to coordinate the developments envisaged for the increasingly numerous and complex trans-European electronic systems.
  • discussed their needs triggered by the COVID pandemic and set their priorities for the TADEUS agenda of the coming years with a focus on enhanced tax compliance and digitalisation of tax administrations in the EU.
  • considered it very useful in the COVID pandemic context, which are urging tax administrations to accelerated reforms, to explore the support and opportunities offered by the upcoming Recovery and Resilience Facility and the Technical Support Instrument.

Outcome statement of 2020 TADEUS summit - co-organised with the German Presidency

Outcome statement of the 2019 TADEUS summit in Helsinki