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Online services and databases for Customs

AEO - Authorised Economic Operator

Database of Authorised Economic Operators and AEO competent customs authorities

CLASS – Classification Information System

Search platform for all the relevant information concerning the classification of a certain product

Central system for the standardised exchange of information

Central system for the standardised exchange of information

Customs offices database

Database of customs offices in EU countries and countries of common transit procedure

EBTI - European Binding Tariff Information

Database for all binding tariff information that has been issued on request by customs of EU Member States

ECICS - European Customs Inventory of Chemical Substances

Customs database to identify chemicals and classify them in the combined nomenclature

EORI - Economic Operators Registration and Identification number

Database of Economic Operators Identification and Registration number

EU Customs Trader Portal

A single access point to the "Authorised Economic Operators" (AEO) and the "European Binding Tariff Information" (EBTI) online systems

MRN follow-up – Movement Reference Number

Application to track goods in export via a Movement Reference Number

QUOTA - Tariff quotas and ceilings

Database for tariff quotas, including daily updated balances of tariff quotas applicable

SAMANCTA - Sampling manual for customs & taxation authorities

Manual on sampling for laboratory testing


Daily updated volumes of specific products under "surveillance" imported into the EU in the present and past year

Suspensions & Autonomous Tariff Suspensions

Information on suspensions both in force and in preparation as well as on quotas in preparation

TARIC - EU Customs Tariff

Multilingual database covering all measures relating to tariff, commercial and agricultural legislation for import and export

TRANSIT – Tracking goods in transit

Tracking is done via the Movement Reference Number (MRN)