Taxation and Customs Union

Online services and databases for Taxation

SEED - System for Exchange of Excise Data

Database to check the validity of an excise number

TEDB - "Taxes in Europe" database

On-line information tool covering the main taxes in force in the EU Member State

TIC - Taxation Information and Communication

Member State information on invoicing rules, VAT refunds and the standard VAT rate

TIN - Taxpayer Identification Number

TINs are used by EU countries to identify taxpayers. There are different national TIN formats and descriptions

VIES - VAT Information Exchange System

Database for checking the validity of a VAT number issued by an EU Member State

SAMANCTA - Sampling manual for customs & taxation authorities

Manual on sampling for laboratory testing

ARC follow-up – Administrative Reference Code

Application to track goods under excise duty suspension via an Administrative Reference Code