Taxation and Customs Union

New online platform to facilitate the standardised exchange of information (INF) between economic operators and customs authorities

On 1 June, the European Commission launched the electronic system for traders for the Standardised Exchange of Information (INF, Special Procedures). The INF system is integrated in the EU Customs Trader Portal, in addition to the existing access to the previously launched systems for eAEO and EBTI.

Traders will now be able to submit the information from their inward and/or outward processing activities, and the processing of the data is handled by customs authorities following the associated import and export modalities.

The INF system provides a harmonized approach to the processing procedures and related exchange of information amongst the European Union. The system replaces the previous paper-based INF sheets INF1, INF2, INF5 and INF9.

More information is available at UCC INF SP on the DG TAXUD website