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Cash controls

Cash controls - New proposal

If you plan to enter or leave the EU with € 10 000 or more in cash, you must declare it to customs.

In this section, you will read more about the rules about travelling with large amounts of cash.

2016 proposal

On 21 December 2016, the European Commission proposed new rules on cash controls.
After discussions between the Council, Parliament and the Commission, the Council and Parliament provisionally agreed on the proposed text on May 23 of 2018.

On October 2 of 2018, the Council formally adopted the proposed text.

Cash controls - Existing rules

who needs to declare what is cash why this obligation

Who needs to declare?

Any person entering or leaving the EU with €10 000 or more in cash.

What to declare?

Cash is not only currency. There are other items which are considered cash.

Why this obligation?

It is part of the EU strategy to combat money laundering and to counter the financing of terrorism.

what are the rules how to declare what if I don't declare

What are the rules?

If you plan to enter or leave the EU with € 10 000 or more in cash you must declare it to customs.

How to declare?

Most Member States use a harmonized declaration form that should be used.

What if I don't declare?

The cash can be detained or seized. National legislation sets penalties applicable in case of not declaring or falsely declaring.

what happens to my data information in your language

The legislation

Regulation (EC) No 1889/2005 of the European Parliament and the Council of 26 October 2005 on controls of cash entering or leaving the Community.

What happens to my data?

Confidentiality of the data provided is guaranteed in order to protect your security hen carrying cash.

Leaflet and video on cash controls

A leaflet provides information on the cash control rules in 15 widely spoken languages (6 EU and 9 non-EU languages).