Taxation and Customs Union

How to declare?

If you enter or leave the EU with € 10 000 or more in cash, you must declare it to Customs.

EU Cash Declaration Form

On a voluntary basis, most Member States use a harmonised declaration form, the EU Currency Declaration Form (EU-CDF). We provide links to the forms where these have been submitted to us by the Member States. If no form is listed (Italy and Spain), please contact the customs authorities of those Member States for instructions.

Exception: if you are making your declaration in France , you have to use the French national form (only available in French).

Please click on the speech bubbles under the flags, beside the pdf icons to see which languages are available and to select a language.

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Czech RepublicLatviaSlovenia


Please make sure you use the appropriate EU Cash Declaration Form of each country where you enter or leave the EU.

You can only declare in the languages available for the country where you enter or leave the EU.

Non-EU language versions to help you

Customs authorities will accept the EU Cash Declaration Form only in their official national language(s). However, you can also use the following 9 non-EU language versions as reference documents to help you understand the form and complete it correctly:



The above is indicated only for information. If you plan to travel with € 10.000 or more, you are advised to contact the Member States' competent authorities to enquire on the formalities to complete.