Taxation and customs union

Participating in Fiscalis 2020

Fiscalis 2013

Actions funded include:

(a) Joint actions (bringing together officials from participating countries):

(i) seminars and workshops;
(ii) project groups, generally composed of a limited number of countries, operational during a limited period of time to pursue a predefined objective with a precisely described outcome;
(iii) bilateral or multilateral controls and other activities provided for in Union law on administrative cooperation, organised by two or more participating countries, which include at least two Member States;
(iv) working visits organised by the participating countries or another country to enable officials to acquire or increase their expertise or knowledge in tax matters;
(v) expert teams, namely structured forms of cooperation, with a non-permanent character, pooling expertise to perform tasks in specific domains, in particular in the European Information Systems, possibly with the support of online collaboration services, administrative assistance and infrastructure and equipment facilities;
(vi) public administration capacity-building and supporting actions;
(vii) studies;
(viii) communication projects;
(ix) any other activity in support of the overall, specific and operational objectives (see Essentials on Fiscalis 2020)

(b) European Information Systems building : the development, maintenance, operation and quality control of Union components of the existing European Information Systems and new European Information Systems established under Union law, with a view to interconnecting tax authorities efficiently.

(c) common training activities:  jointly developed training actions to support the necessary professional skills and knowledge relating to taxation.

Who can participate in these actions?

Officials working in tax authorities in a participating country

Participating countries include:

  • EU Member States
  • Candidate and potential Candidate Countries that joined the programme:

Candidate and potential candidate countries participating in Fiscalis 2020

Start year of participation



Bosnia and Herzegovina


The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia