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The Fiscalis 2020 Programme

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What is Fiscalis 2020?

Fiscalis 2020 is an EU cooperation programme enabling national tax administrations to create and exchange information and expertise. It allows developing and operating major trans-European IT systems in partnership, as well as establishing various person to person networks by bringing together national officials from across Europe. The programme has a budget of € 234.3 million and will run for 7 years from January 1 2014.

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Why Fiscalis 2020?

EU Tax policy makes a substantial contribution to the fight against tax fraud and supports revenue collection for the EU and Member States' budgets. It is a key element in efforts to strengthen an EU Internal Market in which the co-existence of 28 national tax systems raises issues of double taxation and distortion of competition. The Fiscalis 2020 programme helps the tax administrations in the Member States get fully equipped to meet future challenges in these fields.

Participating in Fiscalis

All actions are open to officials working in tax administrations in the:

  • EU Member States
  • Candidate and potential Candidate Countries that joined the programme.
Candidate and potential candidate countries
participating in Fiscalis 2020
Start year
of participation
Albania 2015
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2015
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2014
Montenegro 2015
Serbia 2015
Turkey 2014


Reference documents

Legal documents for the programme and its predecessors, as well as implementation documents are available from the dedicated page.

Whom to contact?

Officials interested in organising or participating in programme activities should get in touch with their national programme coordinator, who can advise you on the eligibility of your idea for funding, and can inform you about any forthcoming initiatives being organised in other Member States. You can also contact the European Commission: