Taxation and Customs Union

Customs duties mean revenue

Customs duties are one of the sources of income for the EU and its Member States.

EUR 1,979 billion import - EUR 25 billion collected - EUR 20 billion transfered to EU budget. Per 1 imported article : EUR 4850 of value, 1.3% of article value collected, EUR 62 collected
DG Taxation and Customs Union and Eurostat

Duties collected in 2018 went down marginally compared to the year before, reaching € 25.396 billion despite the continuous rise in the value of goods import. The share of customs duties in the total EU revenue has dropped to 13% in 2018. The picture below shows the structure of EU revenue in 2018.

GNI based resource : 66% - VAT-based resource : 11% - Customs duties : 13% and other revenue : 10%

* GNI- Gross National Income

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