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This eLearning course was developed under the EU Cooperation Programme Customs 2020, in line with the legal specifications of the Community Customs Code (CCC).

For the moment, the course has not yet been updated to include possible amendments introduced by the new EU customs legislation, the Union Customs Code (UCC), which entered into force on 1 May 2016.

Content of the course

The course provides detailed practical guidance on how to use the SAMANCTA guideline to sample goods for tax and customs purposes.

It is aimed at helping EU customs officers to develop the competencies needed to correctly take and handle samples for laboratory testing.


Who is this course for?

Customs officers from the national authorities in EU countries.


How was the course developed?

The content of this course has been developed by the European Commission’s department for Taxation and Customs Union, with the support of a project team of national experts.


How to obtain the course

This eLearning course contains sensitive information.
Therefore, it is not available for public download but distributed exclusively to national customs and tax authorities.

Customs and Tax officials are requested to contact the training officer in their own administration.


Available modules

The course is divided into six units, and takes around 90 minutes to complete.



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Title Description Duration




1. Course introduction.

2. Introduction to SAMANCTA.

3. Navigating SAMANCTA.

4. Using SAMANCTA in detail.

5. Course conclusion.

6. 'Test me' assessment

90 minutes


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