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Course on Drug Precursor Control for Economic Operators

(EDPC-EO eLearning course)

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Please note that the content of the current e-Learning course is not fully up to date, as it does not reflect the amendments to the EU legislation on drug precursors, which entered into force in December 2013.

This eLearning course was developed under the EU Cooperation Programme Customs 2013, in line with the legal specifications of the Community Customs Code (CCC). The course has at this stage not yet been updated to include possible amendments introduced by the new EU customs legislation, the Union Customs Code (UCC), entering into force as of 1st May 2016.

An eLearning course on drug precursors has been developed by the European Commission in close collaboration with trusted companies from the chemical sector and competent authorities in Member States. It aims to help the chemical industry and other relevant businesses recognise the risk of illicit trade in that area and train their staff in implementing prevention methods to avert the diversion of drug precursors for illicit use.


Why an eLearning course on Drug Precursors?

Drug precursors are chemical substances that are legally used in a wide variety of consumer products, such as medicines, soaps and perfumes. However, traffickers try to divert them from their legitimate goals in order to use them in the illicit production of synthetic drugs like ecstasy and methamphetamines. Preventing such diversion is of the utmost importance for legitimate trade and for society at large.

What does the course offer?

The eLearning course consists of four parts:

- Introduction

The introduction helps the user become familiar with the eLearning navigation interface;

- Theory

The 'theory' part provides the legal framework and guidelines. This is followed by practical information on how criminals may divert drug precursors and what can be done by companies internally (security procedures) and externally (collaboration with competent authorities) to prevent that diversion;

- Case study

The 'case study' section is made up of four audience based sub-sections: production, customer service, security and management. Each sub-section contains real case scenarios of interest for people with the relevant background;

- Assessment

This will enable the learner to assess the progress he or she has made in his or her knowledge of drug precursor control.

How to obtain the course?

This eLearning course contains sensitive information. Therefore it is not available for public download. It is distributed exclusively through national authorities as mentioned in the dedicated list. When contacting the administration please clearly mention:

  • Name of your company
  • Size of your company
  • Contact e-mail (for evaluation purposes in a later phase)
  • Industry sector (production, trade, etc.)
  • Estimate of number of trainees that will use the course in your company

The course is currently available in various languages: English, Bulgarian, French, Greek, Spanish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Dutch, Portuguese and Slovak.

Please check the availability of language versions with relevant national authorities.