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  1. The AEO light version is part of the UCC e-learning programme. By the end of this 60-minutes course (UCC 14.), you should be able to:
    • Describe the concept of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status.
    • Describe the different AEO authorisations and their benefits.
    • Explain how a business can benefit from AEO status.
    • Apply for an AEO status.
    • Describe how AEO status is maintained.
    • Describe the concept and the benefits of mutual recognition of AEOs.
  2. The AEO full version is not yet available as part of the UCC learning programme  It will be a 4 hour course (AEO module) and should provide a more comprehensive understanding of the objectives mentioned for the AEO light version.   

Until this new full version is available you can still use the previous version which was applicable under the Community Customs Code (CCC)..

How should I start to use these courses?

  • First, please save the zip-file to your hard disk
  • Extract the zip-file to a folder of your choice
  • Read the 'Quick Start Guide'- document in this folder
  • This document will provide you with all the necessary technical information
  • Install the course to your system as specified in this document or ask your system administrator to do so

Using the courses does not require a high level of information technology skills on the part of the students.


Feedback on this course is very much welcomed by Directorate General Taxation and Customs Union:

To download the course, please access our e-learning download portal and choose to download the AEO course.