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Taxation and Customs Union

EU Customs Action Plan


Commission initiatives for combating counterfeiting and other IPR infringements

The European Commission and the EU Member States are active to ensure a proper enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR) at the external border.

EU Customs Action Plan to combat IPR infringements (2013-2017)

On 10 December 2012 the Council adopted a Resolution on the EU Customs Action Plan to Combat IPR Infringements for the Years 2013-2017.

The strategic objectives of this Action Plan are the following:

  • Effectively implementing and monitoring the new EU legislation on customs enforcement of IPR;
  • Tackling major trends in trade of IPR infringing goods;
  • Tackling trade of IPR infringing goods throughout the international supply chain;
  • Strengthening cooperation with the European Observatory and law enforcement authorities on infringements of IPRs.

The Commission, in cooperation with the Member States, prepared a report on the implementation of the Action Plan that was published on 22 February 2018.