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EU-China Cooperation in IPR

The annual reports on customs detentions recorded at the external borders of the EU indicate that China remains the main source country from where IPR infringing goods are shipped to the EU. Cooperation between China and the EU authorities on the enforcement of IPR is therefore paramount.

To help right holders in receiving protection of their rights by Customs in China and the EU, a specific User Guide has been published.

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The EU-China action plan on Customs Cooperation on IPR

Customs became engaged in 2009, when the EU and China signed the first Action Plan concerning EU-China Customs Cooperation on IPR. Since then a second Action Plan has followed, the Action Plan concerning EU-China customs cooperation on IPR 2014-2017, while a third plan for 2018-2020 is prepared and awaiting to be signed.

The Action Plan includes all dimensions of IP border enforcement, from risk analysis and trend detection, to sharing of intelligence, partnership with the private sector, exchanges of best practice, and cooperation between customs and the other IP law enforcement authorities. In addition to the General Administration of China Customs and the Commission services, customs is engaged at local level under the Action Plan with the participation of 9 seaports and 6 airports in China, together with 16 seaports and 13 airports throughout the EU.

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