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Commission Regulation (EC) No 2088/2004 of 7 December 2004 amending Commission Regulation (EC) No 2497/2001 and Commission Regulation (EC) No 2597/2001 as regards tariff quotas for certain fish and fishery products originating in Croatia and for certain wines originating in Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Slovenia, is published in Official Journal L 361 of 8 December 2004.

The necessary reference data for the new tariff quota with order No 09.1587 for prepared and preserved fish originating in Croatia, and for the increases in volume for the tariff quotas with order numbers 09.1584, 09.1586, 09.1588, 09.1589, 09.1558 and 09.1559, were integrated in DG TAXUD's tariff quotas management database. The new tariff quota, as well as the increases in volume for the (already exhausted) tariff quotas 09.1584 and 09.1559, will be unblocked on 22 December 2004.