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SEED - Using the SEED Applications

  1. The SEED on EUROPA Home page
    The SEED home page is the central entry point from external pages (i.e. not SEED pages). The home page gives a general introduction to the application and provides hyperlinks to additional external sites. The page is confirmed by an "OK" button. Pressing the button refers to the verification input Form.
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  2. The Main Menu
    The menu on the left side of the screen is the main menu of the application and provides links to the following information and functions:
    • "What's New" refers to a page with news about everything around SEED and this application;
    • The "Mail-Box" provides a mail-to link which opens the standard e-mail client with a new e-mail message where the recipient address is already filled with the contact address for the SEED application. Questions and remarks can be sent through this channel;
    • The "Search" item refers to the search page of the EUROPA portal;
    • The "Information" link refers to general information page of the EUROPA portal;
    • The "FAQ" link refers to the Frequently Asked Questions page of the SEED application. This page provides answers to questions which often arise by using the application, especially by new users.
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  3. Verification of an Excise Number
    This is the central feature of the application which parts are explained in the following. A link to the input form is provided on the bottom of every SEED page
    • The Input Form
      The central input form of SEED is a normal form and provides a text input field to enter the Excise Number which shall be verified. The format of the excise number must start with two letters with the code of the country of authorisation followed by 11 alphanumeric characters without spaces. After entering the number the "Verify" button must be pressed to start the verification. The format of the input is than validated as described in the following.
    • Input Format Validation
      The input in the Excise Number input text field is validated against the format for an Excise Number. This format validation is triggered by pressing the "Verify" button of the input form. If JavaScript is enabled in the client browser this validation is done on the client-side, i.e. i.e. if the input does not match the required format, a pop-up window will be opened with the message defining the format and the form is not submitted. If JavaScript is not enabled (not available or disabled), the form will be submitted but the input form will opened again with the error message in a highlighted colour below the text field.
    • The Verification Result
      If the excise number matches the required format, the result page is opened. If no authorisation for the entered Excise Number exists, then this is displayed with a message in a highlighted colour on the result page. If an authorisation exists, a result table is displayed
      • On the right edge of the table header, the total number of authorised products is displayed;
      • In the result table, the row number, the Product Category key and the Excise Product description is shown.
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  4. Tool Tips
    To give faster information about the meaning and function of a field in the application, the main fields of the application like hyperlinks, buttons and other form fields provide a tool tip. Hovering above the field with the mouse pointer displays a message with a short explanation of the meaning or function of the hyperlink, button or form field.
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  5. System Error
    If the system is unavailable, an error message is shown in a highlighted colour. Normally the system should be available again in few minutes otherwise the duration of the failure should be displayed.
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