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Taxation and Customs Union

Conferences and events

Conferences and other events on taxation and customs topics

Wise Persons Group on Challenges Facing the Customs Union (WPG)

In order to stimulate “thinking outside the box” in the EU debate on the future of the Customs Union, the Commission calls on external expertise and establishes a “Wise Persons Group on Challenges Facing the Customs Union” (WPG).

EU Customs strategy

The Customs Union is a foundation of the European Union and an essential element in the functioning of the single market

EU Customs facts and figures

EU Customs facts and figures

Customs Procedures for import and export

Customs procedures on import, transit and export of goods: customs declarations, customs decisions, EORI, clearance, storage and more

Calculation of customs duties

Information on how customs duties are calculated, the application of the “Common Customs Tariff” and the rules of origin

Customs controls

Information on customs controls in the areas of security, environmental rules, consumer protection, drug precursors, money laundering etc


Find out about customs allowances, duty and tax free rules, VAT rules, counterfeit goods, travelling with alcohol, tobacco or pets and baggage control


Taxation and customs legislation, infringements, case law

Conferences and events

Conferences and other events on taxation and customs topics

EU Training

EU Training and Competency frameworks for Customs and Taxation



Customs cooperation

Supporting co-operation between national customs administrations - exchange information, develop skills and competences and share best working practices

Electronic customs

The project, initiated by the European Commission, aims to replace paper-format customs procedures with EU-wide electronic procedures to create a more efficient and modern customs environment.

Intellectual Property Rights - Facts and figures

Every year, the European Commission publishes a report describing the customs serizures of articles suspected of infringing intellectual property rights (IPR) such as trademarks, copyrights and patents.