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Taxation and Customs Union

EU Customs Union: facts and figures

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Customs Fact and Figures

EU Customs Union – unique in the world

The EU Customs Union is essential for the proper functioning of the single market. In practice, National customs services in all EU countries work together as one to manage the day-to-day operations of the Customs Union.

Customs sees what you don't… and protects you

Customs authorities are in the front line in the fight against fraud, terrorism and organised crime, cooperating effectively with administrations and agencies responsible for other relevant policies with border and internal security implications.

Customs are business friendly

The Union Customs Code aims to maintain a proper balance between customs controls and facilitation of legitimate trade, to enable the EU to prosper and develop competitive businesses.

Customs cooperate

The EU has signed more than 50 international agreements providing for customs cooperation and mutual administrative assistance with 80 countries outside the EU to support controls and enforcement and to simplify and harmonise customs procedures.

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