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Taxation and Customs Union

COVID-19: Customs guidance for trade

Guidance to the concerned stakeholders on practical solutions given by the current legal framework

Union Customs Code

Union customs code legislation, guidance documents, work programme and e-learning

International affairs

Information on customs agreements with third countries, the World Customs Organisation, and EU enlargement

Company Taxation

Company tax, double taxation conventions, efforts to remove tax obstacles to cross-border trade, initiatives for small businesses and more

Excise duties

Information on excise-duties; specific taxes applied on alcoholic beverages, manufactured tobacco products and energy products


Taxation and customs legislation, infringements, case law

Tenders and grants

Calls for tenders, grants and calls for expression of interest

Have your say

The European Commission’s public consultations webpage

Conferences and events

Conferences and other events on taxation and customs topics

EU Training

EU Training and Competency frameworks for Customs and Taxation