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Drug precursors control

what are drug precursors
What are drug precursors?

Drug precursors are chemical substances having licit uses, but also illicit ones when diverted.

why are they controlled
Why are they controlled?

Controlling the legal trade in drug precursors is a key component of the fight against drug trafficking.

who controls
Who controls them?

Competent authorities and industry jointly control them. Co-operation between the two is a core element of drug precursor control.

How are they controlled?

EU Regulations provide for the monitoring of trade within the EU and between the EU and the rest of the world.

Practical tools for implementation

Practical tools have been developed to support the implementation of the EU legislation on drug precursors.

International co-operation

International cooperation is essential to prevent drug precursors' diversion worldwide.

Facts and figures
Facts and Figures

The European Commission must report annually to the United Nations on the seizures of drug precursors.