Taxation and Customs Union

Counterfeit, piracy and other IPR violations

A serious problem for everyone
Infringements of intellectual property rights are a widespread and worrying phenomenon calling for engagement from all sides.

The role of customs
As the supervisor of trade flows of goods entering the EU market, customs play a key role in enforcing intellectual property rights.

The EU has put in place a strong legal framework for the enforcement of intellectual property rights at the external border.

EU Customs Action Plan
The customs authorities of the EU Member States are in the front line in preventing IPR infringing goods from entering the EU market.

International cooperation
International cooperation is an essential component of the EU's strategy for the effective enforcement of intellectual property rights.

EU-China Cooperation in IPR
Right holders can receive protection of their rights by Customs in China and the EU


Defend your rights
Customs action on IPR infringement depends on right-holders lodging an application for action.

Facts and figures
Every year, the European Commission publishes a report on the detentions by customs of articles suspected of infringing intellectual property rights.



How to recognise fake goods
These tips and tricks will help you to recognise fakes and other IPR infringing goods.