Taxation and customs union

International level

The source of customs valuation legislation comes from the WTO Customs Valuation Agreement ("the Agreement"), as a result of its Article VII. The Agreement has been published in English, French and Spanish.

However, the WTO Agreement has to be integrated into the national customs legislation of each of the WTO members. In the case of the EU, this transposition is in the form of the Union Customs Code, Delegated Act and Implementing Act.

Customs valuation at international level is discussed within the Technical Committee on customs valuation of the World Customs Organisation (WCO) which meets at the WCO Headquarters in Brussels two times a year. Its many tasks are set out in the Annex II to the WTO Valuation Agreement. The EC is represented by the Commission in the WCO and is a member of the WCO Technical Committee. The instruments adopted by the Technical Committee have the support of all Members and the WTO Agreement is applied around the world on the basis of such instruments.

Further to the WTO legislative texts, the WCO Technical Committee prepares a range of instruments which offer additional guidance on interpretation and application at international level. Tools to help in the effective administration of valuation matters by customs administrations are also developed:

See the WCO Valuation Compendium, containing

  • Committee conclusions on specific valuation topics, as well as
  • the Committee's opinions and commentaries on specific valuation topics.

The WCO Valuation Compendium (contact WCO publication department) is published in English, French and Spanish.