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Taxation and Customs Union

Welcome and mission statement

Paolo Gentiloni - European Commissioner for Economy

Paolo Gentiloni - Commissioner



Gerassimos Thomas - Director General [CV]


Under the authority of Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, the Taxation and Customs Union Directorate-General takes an active part in the achievement of the strategic aims of the European Union.

Manage, defend and develop the customs union as a vital part of protecting the external borders of the EU

Tackle the tax obstacles that currently prevent individuals and companies from operating freely across borders and from exploiting the full benefit of the Internal Market and encourage changes to tax systems so that they support Community objectives such as competitiveness and sustainable development

Respond effectively to the international challenges associated with customs and tax policies

Facilitate better co-operation between Member States to combat tax and customs fraud

It engages regularly in open dialogue with stakeholders and interested parties in order to ensure that rules and proposals keep pace with the reality of rapid change

For a complete picture of our objectives, guiding principles and tasks read our mission statement. An overview of our Directorate General's management structure is available here.

As part of the Commission's commitment to transparency, Directors-General publish information on meetings held with organisations or self-employed individuals.

DG Taxation and Customs: Mission Statement

DG TAXUD has a critical role in supporting a swift economic recovery and the transition to a greener, digitalised and fairer economy in the EU. We work to ensure that taxation and customs deliver on the Union’s priorities and provide the revenues needed to fund European investment and growth.

We uphold the principle of fair taxation and strive for a simpler tax environment, in which businesses can innovate and grow. Modernising our tax policies and fighting tax abuse is a key way to boost public finances and stimulate investment, without burdening those hit by the crisis.

We are committed to harnessing the potential of green and digital taxation, to provide new resources for Europe’s recovery and support the Green Deal and Digital Union. We also ensure that EU tax policy actively supports other high-priority policy objectives, given the impact of taxation on behaviours and consumption.

The Customs Union – an exclusive EU competence – is essential to EU prosperity, with its dual role of facilitating smooth trade and protecting our citizens and businesses. We are committed to substantially modernising customs, in line with today’s realities, so that it is better equipped to protect our Single Market and budgetary resources. Exploiting the full potential of data analytics and innovative technologies and strengthening our cooperation with third countries is key to meeting the challenges of a globalised and digitalised world.

DG TAXUD works in partnership with EU Member States and businesses in delivering on all of our policies and priorities and promotes better and closer cooperation between Member States through its funding programmes. We work with third countries and international organisations to make our above-mentioned objectives a reality, influence international standards and reinforce the implementation of EU trade policy.