Taxation and Customs Union


EU Tax Policy

Speech delivered at the Congress of the International Fiscal Association in Brussels

László Kovács
Brussels - 31/08/2008
Proposal on reduced VAT rates

Press conference, European Commission

László Kovács
Brussels - 7/07/2008
Celebration of the 40th anniversary of the European Customs Union

Speech delivered on the occasion of the special event organised by the French Council Presidency at Bercy, Paris.

László Kovács
Paris - 4/07/2008
The 50th General Assembly Meeting of the Brewers of Europe

Tax strategy for Europe and initiatives in the field of alcohol excise duty.

László Kovács
Gent - 27/05/2008
Tax Forum 2008

Closing speech at the Tax Forum 2008

László Kovács
Brussels - 8/04/2008
Tax Forum 2008

Opening speech at the Tax Forum 2008

László Kovács
Brussels - 7/04/2008
Greening the economy

Speech at the European Business Summit

László Kovács
Brussels - 21/02/2008
The review of reduced VAT rates and the combat against tax-fraud.

Speech on the board meeting of the French Association of Employers

László Kovács
Brussels - 7/02/2008